Physical Therapy

Hybrid DPT Program

8 semesters - 96 total credit hours

Course Description

The Hybrid DPT program is a new program that consists of 8 semesters, 96 credit hours.

This entry level program allows students to obtain an array of real-world skills beyond the classroom like independent research skills, proficient communication, and time management to optimize learning.

The program is a blend of online and onsite activities. The online activities may be self-paced or live with faculty instruction in real time. Each semester, the on-campus requirement will vary but will be at minimum an immersion session (7-10 days) at finals and sometimes an immersion session (7-10 days) at midterm.

Students will attend 1-2 immersion sessions per semester which will include weekends. The on-campus dates for the entirety of the program will be published at the time of interview for the program. This will allow adequate time for planning travel and housing arrangements.

There are three clinical rotations each ranging from a length of duration of 8-12 weeks. Many of the programs that exist in the Traditional residential program will be offered to the Hybrid students including pro bono volunteering, global health, healer track, interprofessional activities, and scholarships.

The hybrid program mirrors the traditional program in sequence and there will be overlap in the coursework both cohorts of students are taking. We are excited for this new opportunity to educate our students!

Attend an information session or open house for more information.

Admissions Requirements

Application Deadline: November 1

To be considered for admission to the Hybrid Doctor of Physical Therapy program, applicants must present official documentation of the following student competencies:

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit your PTCAS applicationNote: Your application will be considered incomplete if there is missing information, including GRE scores, and/or documentation by the published deadlines, and will not be processed due to the volume of applications received.
  2. Complete and submit your supplemental application once UTMB Enrollment Services receives and processes your PTCAS application. Applicants will also need to send payment. Once both are received, applicants will be given a UTMB ID number for access to  MyStar.
  3. The UTMB Department of Physical Therapy will notify all applicants via email when their applications have been received and when the admissions decision has been made. Please allow several weeks for processing.
  4. The top 150 candidates will be invited for an interview. Interviews will be held throughout the fall and final acceptance letters will be sent out early next year.
  5. UTMB has a rolling admissions process; therefore, your application is open until you hear from us with a final decision. If you do not hear from us by December 1, please contact us 409-772-3068 or email to inquire about the status of your application.
  6. Once accepted, all selected students will be required to undergo a background check for security clearance and pass a drug screen in order to matriculate at UTMB and other off-campus clinical training facilities.
  7. Admissions decisions are final; unsuccessful applicants may contact the Admissions chairperson for advice on how to strengthen their application and reapply in subsequent cycles/years. Requests for review will be assessed between April-June of each year. Email us at
  8. Admissions decisions are based on a folder review and interview score. This holistic review allows the top 54 scoring applicants to be accepted into the program following the total sum of folder review from PTCAS and interview score as a holistic process.
  9. The department admissions committee is comprised of 8 PT faculty members who are charged with selecting each incoming class based on folder review. Core faculty and associated faculty perform interviews on interview day.
  10. All applicant communications with admissions staff may be considered as part of the application review, including email correspondence and phone calls.

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