Physical Therapy

Marketable Skills

Physical Therapy students must gain scientific knowledge, observation and assessment experience, problem-solving skills, interpersonal and interprofessional communication skills as well as compassion, patience, and flexibility in order to provide intervention to a variety of client populations.

Marketable and transferable skills learned by our students include but are not limited to:

  1. Participate in and contribute to the profession through active involvement and scholarship.
  2. Practice in an ethical and legal manner.
  3. Assess patients/clients from any age, gender, or cultural group at any stage of the health care continuum; treat and/or refer patients/clients as appropriate.
  4. Plan, implement, and modify a treatment program as needed to ensure safe and effective patient outcomes.
  5. Plan, design, and participate in programs of prevention and health promotion.
  6. Utilize sound management and business practices in the marketing and provision of physical therapy services.
  7. Collaborate with patients/clients, other health professionals, regulators, and payers to optimize the delivery of health care services.

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