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Kenya is a lower-middle income country located in East Africa along the coast of the Indian Ocean. It is host to significant ecologic persity, with mountainous, desert, coastal, and forested environments.  UTMB has worked with academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and healthcare facilities to improve the health of vulnerable populations, including HIV-infected inpiduals and street-involved children.  A strong collaboration with the non-profit organization African Mission Healthcare, has allowed UTMB students, residents, and faculty to participate in initiatives aimed at strengthening healthcare delivery at rural mission hospitals.  The principal areas of programmatic collaboration include:

  • Health well-being of street-involved youth
  • Microfinance and community flourishing
  • Health professions and nursing education
  • HIV clinical care and outcomes evaluation
  • Quality improvement in mission hospitals

Key personnel include:

Dr. Jon Fielder
Dr. Loice Achieng
Dr. Michael Goodman
Dr. Jonathan Mwiindi
Dr. Laurie Farroni
Dr. Kathleen Murphy
Dr. Philip Keiser

GHED - Kenya

  • University of Nairobi

    The University of Nairobi is the largest university in Kenya and is home to numerous world-class training programs. The Faculty of Health Sciencesoffers degrees from undergraduate to PhD level. For many years, UTMB has been collaborating with UoN on clinical exchanges and infectious disease research projects.

  • Maua Methodist Hospital

    Maua Methodist Hospital (MMH) is a 230-bed regional referral hospital that serves a population of roughly 600,000 people in the Meru District. Engagement between the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, the School of Health Professions, and now the School of Public & Population Health have made MMH one of UTMB's signature sites for interprofessional collaboration. A community health nursing school shares the grounds of the hospital and has established a strong collaboration with the UTMB School of Nursing to enhance nursing education. UTMB Physical and Occupational Therapy faculty have partnered with MMH staff in the areas of training and clinical care. A long-standing collaboration with the Department of Clinical Laboratory Science focuses on strengthening MMH's laboratory capabilities, quality control protocols, as well as promotion of professional development opportunities. Medical students and physician assistant students have the opportunity to visit the hospital for short-term clinical and research electives. Faculty and residents from the Departments of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics support clinical care and clinical training programs at MMH. Finally, a robust collaboration with the MMH Office of Community Health has enabled UTMB to work alongside community health specialists in outreach activities.

  • Kijabe Hospital
    Kijabe Hospital is an academic mission hospital located along the Great Rift Valley, roughly 60 km from Nairobi. As a training facility, it is home to numerous high-quality programs for a variety of health professions. UTMB medical faculty and internal medicine residents have the opportunity to do rotations and participate in teaching and clinical care activities.
  • Sodzo International
    Sodzo International emerged as a response to the question posed by a UTMB partner in Maua, Kenya,"what do we do about children living on the street?" Through multiple rounds of community engagement, mixed methods assessment and action-reflection work with Kenyan children, families and communities, Sodzo International and UTMB researchers developed a novel socio-ecological intervention to successfully reintegrate over 300 children and youth into supportive and nurturing communities. This "Flourishing Community" model has scaled to over 39 villages, with more than 10,000 weekly participating families dedicated to preventing street-migration by children. The contributions by UTMB students, faculty, and in partnership with Sodzo International, is leading to new understandings of transformational health and well-being for children, families, communities and societies.
  • Gallery

    UTMB students and Maua team alongside partners from Maua Methodist Hospital performing morning rounds on the medical ward.

    UTMB students and Maua team alongside partners from Maua Methodist Hospital participating in the morning report.

    UTMB resident Dr. Alexander Ondari on safari at Meru National Park

    UTMB fourth year medical student Cara Pritchett making house visits with the medical officers of Maua Methodist Hospital.

    UTMB medical students enjoying their visit to the Giraffe Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

    UTMB medical students with Dr. Innocent (far left) participating in morning rounds. Dr. Innocent provides some teaching points to students while performing morning rounds.