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  • Additional Sitefinity Content Management System classes scheduled

    UTMB will be offering additional web development classes to support digital initiatives across the university. They are the Sitefinity Introductory Training Class and Sitefinity Intermediate Training Class. Sessions are two- and three-hours long respectively, and are repeated on multiple dates.

  • Sitefinity: Update on training, where we are today

    This morning we were working with a user new to our CMS, and as we listened to her project needs and were able to rattle off solutions, I caught myself in one of those neat moments of realization. This thing is real, and while there’s still a lot of work to do, an incredible amount has already been done and put in place...

  • They took the “I” out of internet

    If developing written content (for web or anything else) is part of your job, you probably know what a styleguide is, and you likely know that UTMB ascribes to a slightly customized version of what’s dictated by the Associated Press guide, the AP Stylebook...

  • Sessions full for intermediate Sitefinity training

    All slots are now full for the Feb. 11 Sitefinity training. We are looking into opening up a couple additional seats. If you’d like to be put on the waiting list, drop a note to

  • “Introduction to Sitefinity” now online

    A high-level introduction for people new to the Sitefinity content management system was hosted Jan. 20. It provided a general project update and overview, defined roles and types of users, and more. The session is now online.

  • Sitefinity “Work in Progress”

    The launch of any new enterprise-level solution often feels like a game of prolonged “whack-a-mole”: you address one issue, and another pops up. The development and launch of Sitefinity has been no different. The small crew that worked/is working to install and manage the new content management system has tackled and resolved some major puzzles...

  • map400px-300x210

    New digital campus map in final stages of development

    One component of the Web Reboot that we’ve mentioned but not talked much about is a new interactive digital map. The map is built over the Google Maps platform and offers all the neat features we’ve come to love, including street view, decent aerials, good directions and an intuitive/well-known interface.

  • First Sitefinity class is full

    We have reached capacity on our first Sitefinity training session. If you are interested but couldn’t or didn’t make this first classroom session, watch this site for a webcast of the presentation and supplemental training and support materials.

  • “Next Steps”

    When we were planning the agenda for the Oct. 27 ITC meeting, there was one really clear theme: what are the next steps...

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