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Managed Desktop Services

Service Description

Desktop Support provides technical support for Standard PCs, Macs, Laptops and Thin Client Computers. Computers receiving standard desktop support are managed with standard processes, tools, and policies. Remote administration tools are used whenever possible to minimize interruptions and provide faster service.

Support provided by Desktop Support Technicians include: installations, configurations, connections, maintenance, troubleshooting and/or repair of computers and peripherals. More detailed examples of the types of services provided are listed below.

Examples of services provided:

  • Incidents
    • Hardware break/fix
    • Software support for the standard operating systems, productivity tools and utilities described below
    • Trouble-shoot problems
    • Remediate problems
    • MAC (Moves/Adds/Changes)
    • Install, move and change hardware and software
    • Configure hardware and software
  • Proactive level services
    • Ensure all devices have the recommended configurations, software versions, and most recent security protection
    • Plan, execute and maintain asset management functions for supported devices
    • Dispose safely – hardware, software and data
  • Individual Value-added services
    • Standard operating environment management through the controlled release of security patches, anti-virus updates, and other software
    • Technology Refresh Program
  • Desktop Projects
    • Support for larger IT projects that include any service provided by Desktop Support Technicians outside of thier everyday scope.
    • Desktop Projects


Standard Hardware

  • Choice of standard laptop or desktop configuration
  • Full life cycle support
    • Procurement
    • Delivery and installation
    • Configuration
    • On-site break/fix and replacement
    • Level 1 technical support via UTMB Service Desk
    • Level 2 technical support via On-Site Support
    • Asset retirement, including hard drive erasure in compliance with state security standards
  • Response to customer moves/adds/changes (MAC) requests
  • Technology Refresh Program
    • Desktop/Laptop/Mac – 36 Month life cycle, replacement scheduled by Information Services. Technology Refresh program
    • Data - Refresh technicians will migrate data from the old to the new equipment as follows:
      • Copy user profile to new equipment (settings, favorites, etc.)
      • Copy data on C: drive to new equipment
      • Reload approved applications


Standard Software

  • Standard desktop image development and support
  • Automatic refresh/upgrades of software based on minimum standards
  • Release and patch management for approved software packages

Student Desktop Support

Desktop support is provided for students on personal computers/laptops on a walk-in basis. Service is provided at the following locations during the hours designated.

Hours of Operation : Mon. - Fri. 8:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M.
Location : 1.115 Administration Building

Customer Responsibilities

  • Contact the UTMB Service Desk reporting all incidents and service requests and provide an accurate description, including any error messages
  • Provide Asset Tag of device presenting the issue to the Service Desk
  • Allow desktop support remote management of devices to improve call resolution time

Hours of Availability

Desktop Support Services are provided to the campus 24 x 7. To request support contact the UTMB Service Desk at x25200 or for non-urgent issues email ishelp@utmb.edu.

Service Response Times


  Mean Time to Contact Mean Time to Repair
Emergency Priority* (On Site Patient Care) N/A 1.5 BHS
Emergency Priority* After Hours (On Site Patient Care) 2 BHS 4 BHS
Emergency Priority* (Off Site Patient Care) 2 BHS 4 BHS
Off Site Patient Care After Hours 4 BHS 8 BHS
High Priority 2 BHS 4 BHS
Medium Priority 4 BHS 8 BHS
Low Priority 8 BHS 16 BHS

Moves/Adds/Changes (MACs)

  Mean Time to Contact Mean Time to Repair
Emergency Priority* (Patient Care) 2 BHS 4 BHS
Emergency Priority* (Patient Care) After Hours N/A 1.5 BHS
High Priority 8 BHS 16 BHS
Medium Priority 12 BHS 24 BHS
Low Priority 20 BHS 40 BHS

Desktop Support Rates

PC / Laptop / Mac

Support Type Rate Unit/Frequency Description
On-Campus Support $24.00 Monthly  
Expired On-Campus Support $30.00 Monthly support on devices that are 3yrs+, are no longer under manufacturer warranty and are not scheduled for refresh
Off-Campus Support $40.00 Monthly  
Hourly Rate for Non Supported devices $50.00 Hour  
Setup fee for Non Supported devices $100.00 One-Time  

Thin Clients

Support Type Rate Unit/Frequency Description
On-Campus Support $16.00 Monthly  
Off-Campus Support $16.00 Monthly  

Tablets (Surface / iPad / Android)

Support Type Rate Unit/Frequency Description
Hourly Rate for Non Supported devices $50.00 Hourly  

Performance and Service Level Reviews

Desktop Support Services will produce and review monthly reports identifying the performance against the existing Service Level Agreement. Metrics can be found on the Service Level Review Page.

Desktop Support Program Participation

  • To add computers to the support model complete the Add PC Request Form
  • To remove computers from the support model complete the Remove PC Request Form
  • To make a PC service request complete the Online PC Service Request

To receive further information regarding the Desktop Support Program please contact:

Chris Perry
Manager, Information Services
Campus Ext – 61158

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