International WorkshopProtein-DNA Interactions:
from Biophysics to Cancer Biology

December 5-6, 2019, Houston, Texas

PDI 2019 Abstract Book

Invited Speakers

Gordon L. HagerChief, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer InstituteAbstract
Ralf MetzlerProfessor, University of PotsdamAbstract
Polly FordyceAssociate Professor, Stanford University Schools of Engineering and MedicineAbstract
Lacramioara BintuAssistant Professor, Stanford University Department of BioengineeringAbstract
Alistair BoettigerAssistant Professor, Stanford University School of MedicineAbstract
Ben E. BlackProfessor, University of PennsylvaniaAbstract
Xiaodong ChengProfessor, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer CenterAbstract
Elizabeth KomivesProfessor, University of California San DiegoAbstract
Peter WolynesProfessor, Rice UniversityAbstract
Margaret S. CheungProfessor, University of HoustonAbstract
B. Montgometry Pettitt Professor, University of Texas Medical BranchAbstract
Yuri Lyubchenko Professor, University of NebraskaAbstract
Charles LinAssistant Professor, Baylor College of MedicineAbstract
Marc C. MoraisAssociate Professor, University of Texas Medical BranchAbstract
Nicolas YoungAssistant Professor, Baylor College of MedicineAbstract
Peter VekilovProfessor, University of HoustonAbstract
Michael DiehlAssociate Professor, Rice UniversityAbstract
Chin-Yo LinAssociate Professor, University of HoustonAbstract
Stephen MackAssistant Professor, Baylor College of MedicineAbstract
Wei LiProfessor, Baylor College of MedicineAbstract
Oleg IgoshinProfessor, Rice UniversityAbstract
Jose Nelson OnuchicProfessor, Rice UniversityAbstract
Weixing ZhaoAssistant Professor, UT Health Science Cnt, San AntonioAbstract