Our Facilities: Administration Building

About this facility:

  • Located on the 6th floor of the Administration Building, Room 6.300. 301 8th Street, Galveston, TX 77555.  L#01292
  • Can accommodate 70 guests for a seated dinner, 125 for a stand-up reception, and 100 for theater-style seating.
  • The room is equipped with:
    • Podium and microphone
    • Computer with DVD player and house audio
    • Retractable screen
    • Projector
    • Videoconference
    • Handheld microphones,
    • Lavaliere microphones
    • AMX control touch screen
    • 2 wall monitors
    • Polycom (conference telephone number 409-772-2731)
    • Flip chart stand
    • Wireless high speed internet
CR-Tables Caduceus Room floor plan
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About this facility:

BMRConference Ballinger Mills Room Floor Plan
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Parking is available for visitors and guests in Garage 8-Hospital Garage at 6th and Texas Ave. A booth attendant will be on duty in G8-Hospital Garage; Monday - Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The parking rate is $1.75 per hour or any part of an hour up to $14.00 maximum for the day. Payment should be made to the booth attendant upon exiting and can be made by cash or credit card. During the times that an attendant is not on duty, payment will be made to the night machine upon exiting. Departments can validate for non-patient visitors and will be billed $6 per validation by the Parking Office.

Food/Beverage and Room Set-Up

  • Rooms come with tables and chairs, however, they are not set up. Room setup, food and beverages in all facilities MUST be provided exclusively by the Department of Catering and Special Events (Policy 2.6.9, Food Services Policy). You may contact Catering at x29577 to discuss these issues or place your order online. A fee will be assessed by this department.
  • All orders are to be placed with a minimum of two (2) business days, or 48 hours prior to the event.
  • Special requests for items not routinely provided on the UTMB's catering menu may be arranged through Catering office.
Administration Building:
  • Minimum room set-up fees: Caduceus Room $75, Ballinger Mills Room $50.
  • A small foyer area is available for use outside of the Ballinger Mills Room and Caduceus Room. Custom registration tables are in foyer for your use.


  • Use of alcoholic beverages is not allowed prior to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday.
  • All alcohol must be purchased through the Department of Catering and Special Event and cannot be taken from the facility.
  • All UTMB Health events held on or off campus that wish to serve alcohol MUST submit an Alcohol Service Request form for approval prior to event date.

Audio/Visual Equipment