Policies and GuidelinesUniversity Conferences & Events

In accordance with the Regents’ Rules, the President designates specific facilities as Special Use Facilities. The following UTMB facilities are identified as Special Use Facilities:

  • Designation as a Special Use Facility shall not constitute the facility a public facility or forum that is open to use by individuals, groups, associations, or corporations on a first come, first served basis.
  • Priority in the reservation and use of Special Use Facilities shall be given to programs and activities of UTMB that are in furtherance of and related to the educational, cultural, recreational, and athletic programs of UTMB.
  • As a lower priority, individuals, groups, associations or corporations, without the necessity of joint sponsorship, may reserve and use Special Use Facilities provided that the activity is consistent with UTMB’s mission. When available, faculty, staff, students, President’s Cabinet and Development Board members may use Open Gates facilities for personal and private events.
    • Rates must be charged for the use of the Special Use Facility for private events that, at a minimum, ensure recovery of that part of the operating cost of the facility attributable directly or indirectly to such use.
    • If the user charges attendees an admission or registrations fee, or accepts donations from those in attendance, UTMB shall require the user to make a complete accounting of all funds collected and of the actual cost of the event.
    • If the funds collected exceed the actual cost of the event, the user shall be required to remit such excess to UTMB.
  • Subject to all constitutional and statutory provisions relating to the use of state property or funds for religious or political purposes, and subject to the guideline above regarding cost recovery, Special Use Facilities may be used for religious and political conferences or conventions.
  • Rental of space for display of advertising and the display of samples of merchandise in designed areas, approved by the President or designee, inside Special Use Facilities is permitted. This includes advertising by displays on an electronic scoreboard or message center inside the Facility or on an outdoor electronic marquee or message center. The sale of advertising space on ticket envelopes for events sponsored by UTMB and in any publication disturbed in connection with a sponsored event or announcing future sponsored events is also permitted.
  • All facilities are available Monday through Sunday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., excluding official UTMB holidays.
  • Loud or distracting activities (i.e. live bands, music, singing, etc.) will not be allowed during working hours.
  • In compliance with IHOP Policy 2.9.1 No Smoking Policy, smoking is prohibited in all on/off -campus facilities and campus grounds.
  • Only service animals are allowed in these facilities.
  • Reference our website for information about Campus Carry at UTMB.

Food/Beverage and Room Set-Up

  • Rooms come with tables and chairs, however, they are not set up. Room setup, food and beverages in all facilities MUST be provided exclusively by the Department of Catering and Special Events (Policy 2.6.9, Food Services Policy). Click Place a Catering Order or you may contact Catering at x29577 or email Tammy Ramirez at to discuss menu and pricing. A fee will be assessed by this department.
  • All orders are to be placed with a minimum of two (2) business days prior to the event.
  • Special requests for items not routinely provided on the UTMB's catering menu may be arranged through Catering office.


  • Use of alcoholic beverages is not allowed prior to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday.
  • All alcohol must be purchased through the Department of Catering and Special Events and cannot be taken from the facility.
  • All UTMB Health events held on or off campus that wish to serve alcohol MUST submit an Alcohol Service Request form for approval prior to event date.

Audio/Visual Equipment