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School of Medicine | Community Engagement Scholarly Concentration


The Community Engagement Scholarly Concentration (CESC) at UTMB offers a unique opportunity for medical students to study global health, rural health, and public health and integrate multiple areas of overlapping interest.


All students enrolled in UTMB's School of Medicine are eligible to apply for the CESC. Students should demonstrate a strong interest in global health issues, rural health issues, and public health issues, and be able to participate in all the required activities. To remain in the scholarly concentration, students must successfully complete each required activity as outlined in the table below. 


The curriculum is integrated into the full four years of medical school, and involves coursework, clinical and/or research electives, as well as a Capstone project. The basic elements of the curriculum are noted in the table below. 

Coordinator: Bradley Brock
Director: Cara Pennel