Bing Tian, PhD

Bing Tian, PhD
Assistant Professor

Division: Endocrinology
Department: Internal Medicine


Dr. Bing Tian received his Ph.D. in 1999 from UTMB. Dr. Tian has made significant impact in the field of viral-inducible gene regulation by experimentally identifying the spectrum of NF-κB dependent genes in virus infected epithelial cells. Dr. Tian has also extended his work to describe the role of NF-κB in the response to tumor necrosis factor, a potent airway inflammatory cytokine. He has discovered that the genes downstream of NF-κB are activated in distinct temporal waves, and to systematically identify them.

Right now, the research interests of Dr Tian concentrate on signaling mechanism of airway inflammation research projects which include molecular biology, cell biology, biochemical, and dynamic imaging approaches. He is interested in studying the signaling networks in airway epithelial cells in response to viral infection and double stranded RNA exposures and examine the regulation of the innate immune response in well differentiated airway epithelial cells.