Junos iPhone/iPad App SetupInformation Services

  1. Download Junos Pulse Application

    A. Open the App Store on the iOS device.

    B. Search for “Juniper VPN”.

    C. Download and install the free “Junos Pulse” application from Juniper Networks Inc. (Fig 1)

    Fig 1

  2. Configure

    A. Open the Junos Pulse application on the iOS device using the icon below. (Fig 2)

    Fig 2

    B. The end user license agreement (EULA) will appear when the application is first opened; scroll to the bottom of the page and tap the "Accept" button. (Fig 3)

    Fig 3

    C. Click on the "Enable" button when prompted to enable the Junos Pulse client to interact with the iOS. This screen should only occur once. (Fig 4)

    Fig 4

    D. Click on the ">" icon to create a new VPN connection; the following window to add a new configuration should pop up.(Fig 5)

    Fig 5

    E. Enter the following information; do not change or enter information into the other fields:(Fig 6)

    - Name: UTMB VPN
    - URL: myvpn.utmb.edu
    - Username: UTMB-USERS-M username

    Fig 6

    F. Click on the “Save” button.

    G. Close the Junos Pulse application if a VPN connection is not currently needed.

  3. Connect/Disconnect from VPN

    A. Open the Junos Pulse application if it is not already open.

    B. Tap the “Connect” button below the connection labeled “UTMB VPN”. (Fig 7)

    Fig 7

    C. Enter your current UTMB-USERS-M credentials when prompted and tap the "Sign In" button.(Fig 8)

    Fig 8

    D. The following screen will appear when the VPN connection has successfully started; see the VPN icon in the upper left corner showing the VPN connection is active and connected.(Fig 9)

    Fig 9

    E. Tap the “Disconnect” button to disconnect from UTMB VPN. The VPN connection will remain connected if the Junos Pulse application is closed. Reopen the application to disconnect.

    F. Close the Junos Pulse application.