SOM Elective Brochure

UTMB Elective

Action Course No Title Department Director Periods
Display ANEU-4001Clinical (OR) AnesthesiologyAnesthesiologySarah Shabot, MD1-9; 11-17 
Display ANEU-4002Obstetrical AnesthesiologyAnesthesiologyMichelle Simon, M.D.1-8; 11-17 
Display ANEU-4003Critical Care Medicine - Surgical and Neurosurgical Intensive Care UnitsAnesthesiologyWilliam Whitehead, M.D.1-17 
Display ANEU-4004Anesthesiology - Pain ClinicAnesthesiologyCourtney Williams, MD3-8, 11, 12 
Display ANEU-4005Acting Internship in Anesthesiology - GalvestonAnesthesiologyAdam Wacher MD1-8; 11-17 
Display ANEU-4005LActing Internship in Anesthesiology - Victory LakesAnesthesiologyAdam Wacher, MD1-8; 11-17 
Display ANEU-4007Cardiothoracic AnesthesiologyAnesthesiologyChristopher K. McQuitty, MD1-17 
Display ANEU-4014Acting Internship in Critical Care Medicine - Surgical and Neurosurgical Intensive Care UnitsAnesthesiologyWilliam Whitehead, MD, PhD1-17 
Display ANEU-4021Anesthesiology Quality Improvement and Patient SafetyAnesthesiologyDr. Rovnat Babazade1-17 
Display ANEU-4022Simulation Based Teaching for 2nd Year CVP CourseAnesthesiologyRonald Levy, MD2 and 3 
Display ANEU-4023Anesthesiology Career PathsAnesthesiologyS. Lynn Knox, MD1-17 
Display ANEU-4024Regional Anesthesia & Acute PainAnesthesiologyAdebukola Owolabi, MD1-17 
Display BLHU-4001Online Clinical Conversational Spanish for English and Spanish Speaking Healthcare ProfessionalsBilingual HealthDr. Norma Perez1,2,6,7,8,11,17 
Display BLHU-4XXXClinical English/Spanish Interactive Language Exchange Course UTMB & UDEMBilingual HealthNorma A. Perez-Raifaisen, MD10/4/21 to 4/8/22 
Display DERU-4002DermatopathologyDermatologyBrent Kelly, MD1-17 
Display DERU-4003Dermatologic Surgery and Cutaneous OncologyDermatologyRichard F. Wagner, MD1-17 
Display DERU-4006Acting Internship (AI) in DermatologyDermatologySharon Raimer, MD1-8, 10 
Display DERU-4007Skin Diseases Depicted in FilmDermatologyRichard Wagner, MD1-17 
Display DERU-4008History of DermatologyDermatologyRichard Wagner, MD1-17 
Display DERU-4010Clinical DermatologyDermatologySharon Raimer1-17 
Display DERU-4011Skin Diseases in Modern World LiteratureDermatologyRichard Wagner, MD1-17 
Display DERU-4015Dermatology ResearchDermatologyRichard F. Wagner, MD1-17 
Display DERU-4016Dermatology ConsultsDermatologyBrent Kelly, MD1-17 
Display DERU-4017Skin Diseases in Novels and FilmsDermatologyRichard Wagner, MD, JD1-17 
Display DERU-4055Dermatology Consults 2 week electiveDermatologyBrent Kelly, MD1-17 
Display DERU-4056Dermatopathology 2 week electiveDermatologyBrent Kelly, MD1-17 
Display FAMU-4001Acting Internship in Family MedicineFamily MedicineQuratulanne Jan, M.D.1-7, 11-12, 14-16 
Display FAMU-4003Geriatrics for the Family PhysicianFamily MedicineBarbara Thompson, MD1,2,3,4,5,7,10 
Display FAMU-4013Family Medicine Ambulatory Community ElectiveFamily MedicineKyu K. Jana, MD2-7, 11-16 
Display FAMU-4019Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM)Family MedicineSamuel Mathis, M.D.1-7,11-12,14-17 
Display FAMU-4021Integrated Community Health Project-Big Bend RegionFamily MedicineNorma A. Perez, MD14,15,16 
Display FAMU-4059Public Health Interdisciplinary Ambulatory Community Elective - St. Vincent''s ClinicFamily MedicineSamuel Mathis, MD1-7,11-12,14-17 
Display FAMU-4060Long-Form Literature and the Practice of MedicineFamily MedicineJulie McKee, MD1-17 
Display FAMU-4061Acting Internship in Family Medicine - TylerFamily MedicinePhilip Pippin, MD1-7, 11-13 
Display IMCU-4000Foundational Science IntegrationStacy Shields PhD1, 2 
Display IMHU-4008Law & Ethics in Clinical PracticeIMHWilliam J. Winslade, PhD, JD3, 4, 5 
Display IMHU-4021Freud and Psychoanalysis in GalvestonIMHWilliam J. Winslade, Ph.D., J.D.3, 4, 5, 8 
Display IMHU-4033Introduction to Medical HumanitiesIMHAnne Hudson Jones, PhD1, 2 
Display IMHU-4059Post Freudian Psychoanalysis-GalvestonIMHDr. William Winslade
Display IMHU-4060Medical Humanities in Literature: Physician StoriesIMHAnne Hudson Jones, PhD1, 2, 3 
Display INTL-4001Intensive Course in Tropical & Travel MedicineInternational HealthcareA. Clinton White, MD11 & 12 
Display INTL-4002Indian Health ServiceInternational HealthcareMatthew Dacso, MD, Msc1-17 
Display INTL-4006Advanced Medical Field Experience in International HealthInternational HealthcareMatthew Dacso1-8, 11-17 
Display INTL-4015Medical Field Experience in International HealthInternational HealthcareMatthew Dacso, MD, MSc1-8 & 11-17 
Display INTL-4016Field Experience in One Health and Outbreak InvestigationInternational HealthcareMatthew Dacso, MD, MSc16 
Display INTL-4017Exploring Short-term Global Health Medical MissionsInternational HealthcareMatthew Dacso, MD9 & 10 
Display INTL-4024Policy / Public HealthInternational HealthcareBen Raimer, MD9,10,12,13,14,15 
Display INTL-4026Exploring the COVID-19 PandemicInternational HealthcareMatthew Dacso17  
Display INTL-4042Medical Spanish AbroadInternational HealthcareMatthew Dacso, MD, MSc1-8; 11-17 
Display INTL-4055Global Health Governance and DiplomacyInternational HealthcareDr. Hani Serag
Display INTL-4056Motivational InterviewingInternational HealthcareBen Raimer, MD
Display ITSU-4001Research Proposal DevelopmentInstitute for Translational SciencesJudy Aronson, MD
Display MEDU-4001A/I in Inpatient Internal MedicineInternal MedicineBernard Karnath, MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4002General Internal Medicine Consultation ServiceInternal MedicineJulian Gonzalez-Fraga, MD1-8; 10-17 
Display MEDU-4004Clinical Allergy-Immunology - Year 4Internal MedicineJennifer McCracken MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4005Cardiology ConsultationInternal MedicineWissam I. Khalife1-17 
Display MEDU-4006Research in Geriatric MedicineInternal MedicineSoham Al Snih, MD, PhD1-9, 11-17 
Display MEDU-4009Clinical Endocrinology and MetabolismInternal MedicineKevin McKinney, MD or Maria Belalcazar, MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4010Outpatient Clinical GastroenterologyInternal MedicineGabriel Reep, MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4014Clinical RheumatologyInternal MedicineEmilio Gonzalez, MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4016Infectious Diseases-General ID Consultation Service for Adults - John Sealy HospitalInternal MedicineA. Scott Lea, MD1- 8 & 11-17 
Display MEDU-4019Clinical Nephrology/Renal TransplantationInternal MedicineAnn Kathleen N. Gamilla-Crudo, MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4021Acting Internship in the Medical Intensive Care UnitInternal MedicineMohammed Zaidan, MD1-8, 11-17 
Display MEDU-4022Clinical Pulmonary MedicineInternal MedicineMohammed Zaidan, MD1-8, 11-17 
Display MEDU-4029Clinical OncologyInternal MedicineRohit Venkatesan M.D. 1-8; 11-17 
Display MEDU-4033Geriatrics in the CommunityInternal MedicineErin Hommel, MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4043Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism-Year 3Internal MedicineKevin McKinney and Maria Belalcazar1-17 
Display MEDU-4044Clinical Allergy-Immunology - Year 3Internal MedicineJennifer McCracken M.D.1-17 
Display MEDU-4045Clinical Pulmonary Medicine - Year 3Internal MedicineMohammed Zaidan, M.D.1-8, 11-17 
Display MEDU-4046Clinical Rheumatology - Year 3Internal MedicineEmilio Gonzalez, M.D. 1-17 
Display MEDU-4048Gastroenterology/Hepatology-Year 3Internal MedicineGabriel Reep, MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4053Sleep MedicineInternal MedicineRizwana Sultana MDAll 
Display MEDU-4058Palliative CareInternal MedicineJose Mendoza, MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4077Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinical ElectiveInternal MedicineGeorge Carayannopoulas, MD4,5,6,7,8,11,12,13,14,15,16 
Display MEDU-4078Multidisciplinary Clinical Skills ExperienceInternal MedicineDr. Anita Mercado1-9, 11-17 
Display MEDU-4079Hematology and Medical Oncology at MD AndersonInternal MedicineCristina Checka, MD & Dr. Ehlers5, 11, 15 
Display MEDU-4085Military Officer Training ElectiveInternal MedicineJoaquin Cortiella, MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4086Improving Clinical Outcomes for Patients with Diabetes in the Hospital: A Hands-on Experience in Quality Improvement InterventionInternal MedicineMaria L. Belalcazar, MD1-8, 10-16 
Display MEDU-4088Point of Care EchocardiographyInternal MedicineMasood Ahmad, MD8/23/21 - 9/3/21 
Display MEDU-4089Occupational and Environmental Medicine - TylerInternal MedicineDalia Nessim1-17 
Display MEDU-4090Social Medicine: Beyond Biological Basis of Health and DiseaseInternal MedicineHani Serag, MD, MPH2,3,4,7,13,14 
Display MEDU-4091Obesity, Prediabetes and DiabetesInternal MedicineHanaa Sallam, MD, PhD2,3,7,8 
Display MEDU-4092Internal Medicine Ambulatory Elective - AustinInternal MedicineRoxana Rhodes, MD1-8, 11-12, 14-17 
Display MEDU-4095Community Practice, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Internal MedicineRadheshyam Bhatt, MD11 - 17 
Display MEDU-4096Caring for Patients with DisabilitiesInternal MedicineKaren Szauter, MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4097Acting Internship in Ambulatory Internal MedicineInternal MedicineBenard Karnath, MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4098Online Palliative ElectiveInternal MedicineJose A. Mendoza, MD1-17 
Display MEDU-4104Introduction to US Health Policy and FinancingInternal MedicinePeter Cram, MD7 & 11 
Display MEDU-4119Advanced Diabetes Care in Clinical PracticeInternal MedicineMaria Belalcazar, MD1-8, 10-17 
Display MEDU-4120Endocrine Clinical Case Duos: Pairing up to understand and disseminate lessons learned in patient care Internal MedicineMaria Belalcazar, MDAll 
Display MEDU-4122Survey Course of the History of MedicineInternal MedicineMichael H. Malloy, MD8,10 
Display MEDU-4157Acting Internship (Hybrid Nocturnal) in Inpatient Internal MedicineInternal MedicineBernard Karnath, MD1,2,3,4,5 
Display MEDU-4158Educational Scholarship with Meta CourseInternal MedicinePremal Patel M.D.2,3 
Display MPEU-4036Endocrinology MED/PEDSInternal Medicine-PediatricsPhillip Lee, MD & Kevin H. McKinney, MD1-17 
Display NEUU-4010Acting Internship in NeurologyNeurologyElena Shanina, MD1,2,3,4,5 
Display NEUU-4052Clinical NeurophysiologyNeurologyElena Shanina1-8; 11-17 
Display NEUU-4053Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery: from Basics to Bedside NeurologyAaron Mohanty, MD10/25/21-10/29/21; 2/7/22 - 2/11/22 
Display NEUU-4054Neuro-Rehabilitation at Post Acute Rehabilitation Hospital of HumbleNeurologyCraig DiTommaso, MD1-8; 11-17 
Display NEUU-4055Vascular NeurologyNeurologyElena Shanina, MD1-17 
Display NEUU-4056Ambulatory NeurologyNeurologyElena Shanina, MD1-17 
Display OBGU-4008Acting Internship in Maternal-Fetal MedicineOB/GYNShannon Clark, MD1-8,10-16 
Display OBGU-4011Outpatient GynecologyOB/GYNElisha Jackson, MD1-8,10-16 
Display OBGU-4013Acting Internship in GynecologyOB/GYNElisha Jackson, MD1-8,10-16 
Display OBGU-4024A/I in Gynecologic OncologyOB/GYNGwyn Richardson, MD1-17 
Display OBGU-4031A/I in Urogynecology and Robotic SurgeryOB/GYNElisha Jackson, MD1-17 
Display OBGU-4033Interpersonal Violence: Practices to Help Patients Improve Health Outcomes OB/GYNLeila Wood, MDJuly 13, 2020 - July 17, 2020 
Display OBGU-4054Introduction to the World of InfertilityOB/GYNAmjad Hossain, PhD1-17 
Display OBGU-4061Enriching Gyn Ultrasound Knowledge and Skill for entering to ResidencyOB/GYNParin Patel, MD & Amjad Hossain, Ph.D.10-15 
Display OBGU-4062The Politics and Art of Medical StorytellingOB/GYNShannon Guillot-Wright, PhD6-10 
Display OBGU-4063Basics of Infertility OB/GYNAmjad Hossain, Ph.D.1-9 & 11-17 
Display OBGU-4064Sexual MedicineOB/GYNAmjad Hossain, PhD & Laith Alzweri, MD1-17 (2nd & 3rd week/every month) 
Display OPHU-4001Ophthalmology Clinical ElectiveOphthalmology & Visual SciencesAishat Adebayo, MD1-17 
Display OPHU-4021 SJClinical Ophthalmology at St. Joseph Medical Center in HoustonOphthalmology & Visual Sciences Keith A. Bourgeois, MD1-8, 11-17 
Display OPHU-4404Ophthalmology Sr. ElectiveOphthalmology & Visual SciencesAishat Adebayo, MD1-8, 11-17 
Display ORSU-4012A/I in Orthopaedic Surgery-Pelvis/Hip/KneeOrthopaedic SurgeryKelly Stephenson, MD1-15 
Display ORSU-4013Acting Internship in Orthopaedic Surgery-PediatricOrthopaedic SurgeryDavid A. Yngve, M.D.1-15 
Display ORSU-4015Orthopedics Clinic Only GalvestonOrthopaedic SurgeryJeremy Somerson, M.D.1-15 
Display ORSU-4017Orthopaedic ResearchOrthopaedic SurgeryZbigniew Gugala, MD, PhD1-15 
Display ORSU-4018Acting Internship in Orthopedic Surgery - Foot and Ankle SurgeryOrthopaedic SurgeryVinod Panchbhavi, MD1-15 
Display ORSU-4019A/I in Orthopaedic Surgery - TDC/TraumaOrthopaedic SurgeryJohn C. Hagedorn, MD1-15 
Display ORSU-4025A/I Orthopaedic Surgery - Hand/Upper Extremity SurgeryOrthopaedic SurgeryJohn Faillace, MD1-15 
Display ORSU-4026A/I Orthopaedic Surgery - Shoulder and Elbow SurgeryOrthopaedic SurgeryJeremy Somerson, MD1-16 
Display ORSU-4027A/I Orthopaedic Surgery - General Ortho/Ortho TraumaOrthopaedic SurgeryMark A. Foreman, MD1-15 
Display ORSU-4053Acting Internship in Orthopedic Surgery, Applied Orthopaedic Principles in Lower Extremity Surgery Orthopaedic SurgeryJie Chen, MD1-15 
Display ORSU-4405Orthopaedics Clinic Only @ League City CampusOrthopaedic SurgeryJeremy Somerson, MD1-15 
Display ORSU-4406Hospital Based OrthopaedicsOrthopaedic SurgeryJohn C. Hagedorn, MD1-15 
Display OTOU-4001Clinical OtolaryngologyOtolaryngologyHarold Pine, MD1-17 
Display OTOU-4002Acting Internship in OtolaryngologyOtolaryngologyHarold Pine, M.D.1-17 
Display OTOU-4008Unbeatable OtolaryngologyOtolaryngologyHarold Pine, MD3, 4, 5, 6, 9 , 10 
Display OTOU-4XXXInpatient OtolaryngologyOtolaryngologyHarold Pine, MD1-13 
Display PATU-4001Autopsy ServicePathologyJudith Aronson, M.D.1-17 
Display PATU-4004Clinical CytopathologyPathologyRanjana Nawgiri, MD2-16 
Display PATU-4005Introduction to Laboratory MedicinePathologyAnthony Okorodudu, Ph. D., MBA1-17 
Display PATU-4008Acting Internship: Autopsy Service - Part 1PathologyJudith Aronson, M.D.1,3,5,7,9,10,11,14 
Display PATU-4011NeuropathologyPathologyGerald A. Campbell, MD, PhD1-16 
Display PATU-4012Clinical ChemistryPathologyAnthony O. Okorodudu, Ph.D., MBA1-17 
Display PATU-4017Acting Internship: Surgical PathologyPathologyHarshwardhan Thaker, PhD1-8; 11-17 
Display PATU-4022Research in Infectious Disease PathogenesisPathologyDavid H. Walker, M.D.1-17 
Display PATU-4023Forensic Pathology Ambulatory Community ElectivePathologyJudith Aronson, MD1-17 
Display PATU-4028Acting Internship: Autopsy Service - Part 2PathologyJudith Aronson, MD2,4,6,8,9,10,12,15 
Display PATU-4031Fundamentals of Molecular Genetics and GenomicsPathologyJianli Dong, MD, PhDAll 
Display PATU-4053Molecular DiagnosticsPathologyJianli Dong, MD, PhD1-17 
Display PATU-4054Curating a Medical Exhibit at UTMBPathologyPaula Summerly, Ph.D.9,10,14 
Display PEDU-4001Acting Internship in Pediatrics - InpatientPediatricsAmy Gonzalez, M.D. 1-8, 11-16 
Display PEDU-4005Acting Internship in Pediatrics-NeonatologyPediatricsMonica Huff, MD1-8, 11-16 
Display PEDU-4007Pediatric Hematology/OncologyPediatricsBarkat Hooda, MD3-14 
Display PEDU-4010Pediatric CardiologyPediatricsAshraf Aly, MD, PhD1-16 
Display PEDU-4012Pediatric EndocrinologyPediatricsPhillip Lee, MD1-16 
Display PEDU-4014Pediatric Infectious DiseasesPediatricsDiana Nguyen, MD1-16 
Display PEDU-4021Medical GeneticsPediatricsJoseph W. Ray, MD1-8, 10-16 
Display PEDU-4022Pediatric PreceptorshipPediatricsGayani Silva, M.D., ext. 214441-16 
Display PEDU-4024Acting Internship - Pediatric Chronic Care Rehabilitation PediatricsChristine Murphy, MD1-16 
Display PEDU-4027Adolescent MedicinePediatricsRichard Rupp, MD1-16 
Display PEDU-4051Pediatric Medical Summer Camp ExperiencePediatricsElizabeth Rodriguez Lien, M.D.1, 2 
Display PEDU-4053Acting Internship in Pediatric Hematology/OncologyPediatricsBarkat Hooda, M.D.3-14 
Display PEDU-4060Foundations in Patient Safety and Health Care QualityPediatricsSusan Gerik, M.D. 1-16 
Display PEDU-4073Pediatric GastroenterologyPediatricsAndrea M. Glaser, MD1-5, 11-16 
Display PEDU-4074Pediatric AdvocacyPediatricsMelissa Smith-Phillips, MD3-7, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15 
Display PEDU-4077Pediatric Antimicrobial StewardshipPediatricsDiana Nguyen, MD1-8, 11-16 
Display PEDU-4078Introduction to Caring for Children with Medical ComplexitiesPediatricsChristine Murphy, MD9 only 
Display PEDU-4079Foster Care and Child AbusePediatricsHannah O'Donohoe, MD1,2,3,5,7,9,12,14,16 
Display PEDU-4099Ambulatory PediatricsPediatricsMelissa Smith-Phillips, MD
Display PEDU-4103Pediatric Urgent Care in GalvestonPediatricsManuela Murray, MD1-8, 11,12, 14,15,16 
Display PEDU-4104Child Development and BehaviorPediatricsDr. William Mize5-8, 11,12,13,16 
Display PEDU-4XXXClinical Genetics Elective (year 3)PediatricsJoseph Ray, MD1-7; 8-13 
Display PHTU-4005Physician Healer Track Reading ElectiveSusan Gerik, MD1-17 
Display PMCU-4001Public Health in the CommunityPMCHDenny Fe Agana-Norman, MD1-8, 11-17 
Display PMCU-4004Principles of Aviation & Space MedicinePMCHWilliam E. Powers, MD
Display PMCU-4017Topics in Public HealthPMCHCara Pennel, MPH15 
Display PMCU-4019Undersea and Hyperbaric MedicinePMCHPhi-Nga Jeannie Le, MD1-17 
Display PMRU-4003Brain Injury at Moody Neurorehabilitation InstitutePhysical Medicine & RehabilitationAna V. Durand-Sanchez, MD4,5,7,11,13,15,17 
Display PMRU-4004Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation at TIRR Memorial Hermann at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights HospitalPhysical Medicine & RehabilitationDr. Richard Huang7 & 11 
Display PSYU-4030Diagnosing Simply Through Movies---Learning the DSM5 Through Popular Films and TVPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesDerek Neal, MD4, 6, 15 
Display PSYU-4038Acting Internship in a Psychiatric Inpatient ServicePsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesMichael Stone, M.D.1-17 
Display PSYU-4046Psychiatry and the CinemaPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesDerek Neal, MD1,5, 7, 11, 12, 14 
Display PSYU-4057Mental Health Recovery in Galveston-Houston AreaPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesMichael Miller, MD1-8,11, 12,14,15 
Display PSYU-4061Acting Internship in a Psychiatric Inpatient Service - BeaumontPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesMichael Gillespie, MD2-8,11,12,14,15 
Display PSYU-4062Acting Internship: Consultation & Liaison PsychiatryPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesMichael Miller, M.D.1-15 
Display PSYU-4071Psychiatric DiagnosisPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesKimberly Grayson, MD1-15 
Display PSYU-4073Acting Internship in Psychiatry at Tyler: Audition RotationPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesRobert Wieck, DO1-9; 11-16 
Display PSYU-4074Participant Engagement, Psychological Testing, and Diagnosis in Childhood Depression and Suicide Research (Texas Youth Depression and Suicide Research Network/TX-YDSRN)Psychiatry & Behavioral SciencesDr. Melissa DeFilippis1-17 
Display PSYU-4XXXParticipant Engagement, Psychological Testing, and Diagnosis in Childhood Trauma ResearchPsychiatry & Behavioral SciencesCody G. Dodd, MD1-17 
Display RADU-4001Clinical Nuclear MedicineRadiologyJavier Villanueva-Meyer, MD1-9, 11-16 
Display RADU-4003Diagnostic Ultrasound/Computerized TomographyRadiologyPeeyush Bhargava, M.D.1-8, 11-17 
Display RADU-4004NeuroradiologyRadiologyJohn Heymann, MD1-9, 11-16 
Display RADU-4005Pediatric RadiologyRadiologyAlvin Camacho, MD1-8, 11-17 
Display RADU-4006Interventional RadiologyRadiologyArya Bagherpour, MD1-17 
Display RADU-4007Breast ImagingRadiologyFlavia E. Posleman Monetto, M.D.1-8, 11-16 
Display RADU-4008General RadiologyRadiologyMelvyn Schreiber, MD1-17 
Display RADU-4016Introduction to CT and MR ImagingRadiologyJohn Heymann, MD1-9, 11-17 
Display RADU-4023A/I Internship: Interventional RadiologyRadiologyEric Walser, MD1-8, 11-17 
Display RADU-4024Musculoskeletal (MSK) RadiologyRadiologyGlenn Garcia, MD1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 
Display RADU-4025Radiology Essentials OnlineRadiologyPeeyush Bhargava MD1-7, 9, 11-17 
Display RONU-4001Clinical Radiation OncologyRadiation OncologySandra Hatch, M.D.1-17 
Display RONU-4XXXGeneral Oncology CurriculumRadiation OncologySandra Hatch, MD5,6,7,9,10 
Display SURU-4001Surgery - Adult ThoracicSurgeryAbe DeAnda, MD1-16 
Display SURU-4003Acting Internship in General SurgerySurgeryWilliam Mileski, MD1-16 
Display SURU-4006Acting Internship in Surgery - Neurosurgery - ClinicalSurgeryAaron Mohanty, MD1-16 
Display SURU-4008Acting Internship in Plastic SurgerySurgeryWilliam Norbury, MD1-17 
Display SURU-4010Acting Internship in Surgery-Urology-ClinicalSurgeryJ. Nicholas Sreshta, MD1-16 
Display SURU-4016Acting Internship in Surgery-Transplant SurgerySurgeryWilliam Mileski, MD1-16 
Display SURU-4022Trauma SurgerySurgeryWilliam J. Mileski, MD1-16 
Display SURU-4023Acting Internship in Intensive Care Burn Management for the Adult and Pediatric PatientsSurgeryJong Lee, MD1-17 
Display SURU-4025Acting Internship in Vascular SurgerySurgeryMichael Silva, MD1-16 
Display SURU-4038Urology ResearchSurgeryStephen Williams, MD1-16 
Display SURU-4041Urology at St. Joseph Medical Center, HoustonSurgeryJohn E. Bertini, Jr., MD, FACS1-8, 11-17 
Display SURU-4042Plastic Surgery Elective in HoustonSurgeryDonald R. Collins, Jr. MD1-8, 11-17 
Display SURU-4043Advanced Clinical UrologySurgeryJ. Nicholas Sreshta, MD1-4, 16 
Display SURU-4044Breast Surgical Oncology at MD AndersonSurgeryCristina Checka, MD & Dr. Ehlers3, 5, 7, 11, 12, 15, 16 
Display SURU-4059Acting Internship in General Surgery - TylerSurgeryDr. Hishaam Ismael1-16 
Display SURU-4061Fundamentals of Endovascular SurgerySurgeryMichael B. Silva, Jr, M.D.1-16 
Display SURU-4062Fundamentals in Open Vascular SurgerySurgeryMichael B. Silva, Jr, M.D.1-16 
Display SURU-4063Leadership in MedicineSurgeryJohn Bertini, MD1-8 & 11-17 
Display SURU-4064Clinical Oral SurgerySurgeryDr. Roger Throndson1-17 
Display SURU-4065Acting Internship in Oral SurgerySurgeryDr. Roger Throndson1-17 
Display SURU-4XXXPediatric UrologySurgeryJonathan Gerber, MD1-13