Medical Students

imgban (1)The UTMB Health Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Department supports and encourages medical students who wish to pursue a career in the field of ophthalmology. UTMB medical students who have an interest in ophthalmology can further immerse themselves by taking electives, contributing in research, writing publications, and participating in the Ophthalmology Student Organization (OSO).

Medical Students

Medical Student Rotations

For information on elective opportunities and availability at the UTMB Health Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, please contact the Registrar's office at the Enrollment Services Department. Students from schools other than UTMB Health must complete an application form available from the Registrar's office at (409) 772-1215 to confirm eligibility for enrollment. For additional information visit their website at


Both basic science and clinical research opportunities are available at UTMB Health Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. Medical students can develop a self-directed research project through the Ophthalmology Research Elective or can work on existing projects with OVS residents and faculty. Presentation of research through a poster or publication is encouraged. Medical student projects in the past have won awards and been presented at international meetings.

Ophthalmology Student Organization

The UTMB Health Ophthalmology Student Organization (OSO) helps students learn more about the exciting field of ophthalmology. It encourages students to have an interest in ophthalmology, provides opportunities to interact with faculty, and helps the community see better one eye at a time.

Go to the UTMB Student Organizations Web Site or Facebook page to learn more.