Operating RoomThe UTMB/HMH Ophthalmology residency program is greatly enriched by its strong ties to several notable institutions, through which residents obtain strong training in a variety of unique subspecialty environments. Where many residency programs center around a few facilities, such as a faculty clinic and a residency clinic at a county hospital or VA, our residents receive high-quality exposure to several major academic institutions, a unique resident clinic environment with a very broad array of pathologies, and strong hands-on training at several additional clinical and surgical sites.

Our away rotations are designed to enhance clinical and surgical skills in unique environments, and our residents leave each away rotation greatly enriched by their time with nationally-renowned members of their respective fields and exposure to very diverse patient populations spread out across several very distinct clinical environments. With combined NIH funding grants in excess of $200 million, residents also have multiple opportunities to engage in meaningful, high-impact research. The program provides fully funded housing at each away rotation, and our residents express great excitement regarding the unique experiences and opportunities they received at each location.



  • Consults, Contact Lens, Comprehensive-General, Cornea, Glaucoma, Low Vision, Oculoplastics, Optics, Pediatrics, Retina

    PGY- 2/3/4 Residents  

    University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB Health) John Sealy Hospital, Texas Department of Criminal Justice

    UTMB Health Eye Center

    UTMB Health Eye Center

    Victory Lakes Town Center

    UTMB Primary and Specialty Care Clinic

  • Comprehensive/Cataract Surgical Rotation

    PGY- 4 Residents for 3 months, housing provided

    Orlando VA Medical Center

    Orlando, Florida

    Faculty: Orlando VA Ophthalmology Faculty


    PGY- 4 Residents

    Joffe MediCenter

    Bellaire, Texas

    Faculty: Kevin H. Merkley, MD, MBA

  • Neuro-Ophthalmology/Pathology

    PGY- 2 Residents for 3 months, housing provided

    Methodist Hospital

    Houston, Texas

    Faculty: HMH Ophthalmology Faculty

  • Ocular Oncology

    PGY- 3 Residents for 2 months, housing provided

    University of Texas - MD Anderson Cancer Center

    Houston, Texas

    Faculty: Richard Allen, MD, Bita Esmaeli, MD, Dan Gombos, MD, and Cynthia Tung, MD

  • Community Service

    PGY-2/3/4 Residents

    St. Vincent's House

    Galveston, Texas

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