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After exposure to many other programs including training at a world-renown institute for fellowship, I can say confidently that at our UTMB residency program I received the best surgical and clinical training along with near-limitless opportunities to place me in a position to do just about anything in ophthalmology. If you take advantage of everything our program has to offer, there is no way you could regret coming here.

UTMB was a perfect place to train for residency, with a huge variety of pathology in the TDC and subspecialty clinics, excellent research opportunities, and an appropriate balance of autonomy and supervised instruction. I feel extremely fortunate to have trained there and to have crossed paths with all the wonderful staff/residents I had the chance to work with!

UTMB Ophthalmology was an amazing place to train. The variation in pathology that the program has to offer through the TDC, MD Anderson, Methodist Hospital, and Orlando VA is unrivaled by any other program in the country, and left me feeling like I could handle anything after Residency. The Department prioritizes the education on the residents, which allowed me to grow as a Resident and prepared me well for Fellowship. All of the Faculty and Department Staff were also very warm and approachable which created an excellent environment to train in.

After speaking with my colleagues at various meetings and other institutions, I can honestly say that my residency experience at UTMB was one of a kind. At our main clinics in the Galveston area, we have fantastic technicians, administration, and, of course, faculty. We also have 24 hour access to a wet lab and EyeSi cataract simulator. Our program also enlists the help of other sister institutions to add to the breadth of our training. We study at the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center, Methodist Hospital, and the Orlando VA Ophthalmology Clinic. There is an effort to get residents involved in surgical cases as early as the first year. The residents participate in a resident-run clinic in conjunction with the TDCJ all three years and have the opportunity to volunteer at a community eye clinic on a monthly basis. A focus on oral problem solving cases each week during the weekly case conferences allows for preparation for the oral boards. All of these features of the residency program, and so much more, make for a truly unique residency experience that has allowed me to successfully complete further training in an oculoplastics fellowship and secure my dream job post-training. I am indebted to the experiences I had at UTMB for making me the ophthalmologist I am today.

UTMB was an excellent training program that provided me a breadth of experiences in all the ophthalmic specialties.  I felt fully equipped to practice ophthalmology independently upon graduation.  I was also very well prepared for my vitreoretinal fellowship and still daily call upon the knowledge I gained at UTMB to aid me in my current practice. 

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