Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the application deadline for MLS program?
    Application deadline for fall semester is July 1st. Application deadline for spring semester (LEAP and categorical certification only) is November 1st.
  2. Are MLS students eligible for scholarships?
    Scholarship applications are available for School of Health Professions from March 1st to May 1st. More information is available at UTMB Enrollment Services
  3. How much does the MLS program cost?
    Undergraduate student tuition details are available at UTMB Enrollment Services
  4. How do I know if my prerequisite courses will be accepted by UTMB?
    Prerequisite information is available on the UTMB CLS BSMLS Admissions web page. You may also call UTMB CLS department office at 409-772-3055 with questions. We will be happy to evaluate your transcript and provide feedback.
  5. I already have a Bachelor's degree. Do I need another Bachelor's degree to be a MLS?
    If you have completed TX core curriculum with your Bachelor's degree, you may be eligible to complete a Bachelor's degree in MLS at UTMB. Alternatively, you may enroll into the MLS masters or categorical certification program. We encourage you to contact CLS Admissions or 409-772-3055 for more information.
  6. Can the program be completed on a part time basis?
  7. How long are the clinical rotations for MLS program?
    Most students are required to complete four clinical rotations, each is 4 weeks long. LEAP students only spend 2 weeks at each of the four clinical rotations.
  8. Will I be required to travel for clinical rotations?
    Yes, you may be required to travel within the state of TX for your clinical rotation. You will be responsible for arranging housing and transportation.

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