Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Doctorate of Clinical Laboratory Sciences


The Doctorate program is a 75-credit online degree for medical laboratory professionals who hold a baccalaureate degree and are certified to practice clinical laboratory sciences. The program is designed for practicing professionals who want to advance their knowledge and skills in the clinical laboratory sciences and develop new proficiencies needed to meet the challenges of a changing profession.

The program will develop an individual's ability in management skills, correlating current techniques with potential new techniques, validating new procedures, and conducting basic research within the clinical laboratory aimed at improving the delivery of clinical laboratory services. This degree track can also be taken on-campus/distance and completed either full or part time. Upon completion of this program, the individual would be awarded the Doctorate of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch.

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Total Credit Hours: 75

Fall ICLLS 6301Introduction to Health Assessment3
Fall ICLLS 6352Pharmacology3
Fall ICLLS 6351Pathophysiology3
Total: 9
Spring ICLLS 5350Hematopathology3
Spring ICLLS 5314Advanced Clinical Chemistry/Toxicology3
Spring ICLLS 5302Intro to Scientific Writing3
Total: 9
Summer ICLLS 5312Evidence Based Lab Medicine3
Summer ICLLS 6130DCLS Seminar I1
Summer ICLLS 6341DCLS Clinical I3
Total: 7
Fall IICLLS 5319Biostatistics3
Fall IICLLS 6315Clinical Immunology and Transfusion3
Fall IICLLS 5325Advanced Microbiology/Infectious Disease3
Total: 9
Spring IICLLS 6320Introduction to Epidemiology3
Spring IICLLS 6348Advanced Topics in Molecular Diagnosis3
Spring IICLLS 6320Laboratory Management3
Total: 9
Summer IICLLS 6302Evidence Based Practice3
Summer IICLLS 6131DCLS Seminar 21
Summer IICLLS 6342DCLS Clinical 23
Total: 7
Fall IIICLLS 6305Quality Systems, Patient Safety and Medical Error Prevention3
Fall IIICLLS 6306Diagnostic Algorithms3
Fall IIICLLS 6371DCLS Project I (Question development)3
Total: 9
Spring IIICLLS 6072DCLS Project II (Data Collection/Evaluation)3
Spring IIICLLS 6343DCLS Clinical 33
Spring IIICLLS 63XXSelective3
Total: 9
Summer IIICLLS 6073DCLS Project III (Final Defense/Presentation)3
Summer IIICLLS 6132DCLS Seminar1
Summer IIICLLS 6344DCLS Clinical 43
Total: 7


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MSHP 5301Medical Ethics3
MSHP 5303Health Care Policy3
MSHP 5310Human Resources and Leadership3
MSHP 5311Management of Health Information3
MSHP 5312Financing Health Care3
MSHP 5313Quality Assurance and Risk Management3
MSHP 5314Management in Health Care3
MSHP 5315U.S. Health Care System3
MSHP 5316Introduction to Community and Public Health3
MSHP 5320Developing Education Materials3
MSHP 5321Classroom Technology3
MSHP 5322Education Laboratory and Critical3
CLLS 5341Global Health3
CLLS 6050 Interventional Research1
CLLS 6330Survey Design3
CLLS 6309Global Health Internship3

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