Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Master of Science in Pathologists' Assistant


The Master of Science in Pathologists' Assistant program is a 62-credit on-campus master's degree for individuals who hold a baccalaureate degree.

Upon completion, these individuals will be eligible to take a national examination for certification as a pathologists' assistant. This program would be offered as a twenty month, full-time, curriculum on campus. Upon completion of this program, the individual would be awarded the Master of Science in Pathologists' Assistant degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Upon graduation, you earn a Masters of Science in Pathologists' Assistant. As a graduate of this program, you are eligible for national certification as a Pathologists' Assistant. Several states require a license to practice and may require graduates to take an additional examination.

Note: Texas does not currently require a license to practice.

Degree Requirements

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Category Semester Credit Hours (SCH)
Required Courses 62
Internships Included Above
Total 62
Masters Courses Schedule for Pathologists' Assistant Applicants

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Total Credit Hours: 62

Fall ICLLS 5501Human Anatomy5
Fall ICLLS 5420Molecule, Cells and Tissues4
Fall ICLLS 5502Practice of Pathology I5
Total: 14
Spring ICLLS 5421Pathobiology and Host Defense4
Spring ICLLS 5422Practice of Pathology II4
Spring ICLLS 5423Systemic Pathology4
Total: 12
Summer ICLLS 5270Surgical Pathology2
Summer ICLLS 5271Autopsy Pathology2
Summer ICLLS 5173Special Dissection Techniques1
Summer ICLLS 5370Clinical Rotation I3
Total: 8
Fall IIMSHP 5301Medical Ethics3
Fall IICLLS 5174Applied Clinical and Anatomic Pathology I1
Fall IICLLS 5002Clinical Rotation II10
Total: 14
Spring IICLLS 5320Laboratory Management3
Spring IICLLS 5175Applied Clinical and Anatomic Pathology II1
Spring IICLLS 5003Clinical Rotation III10
Total: 14

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