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SHP Student Emergency Operations

Emergency situations can arise for all kinds of reasons. The key is to know what your options are when they do. UTMB has specific plans for emergency preparedness. These include the UTMB Emergency Operations Plan and the SHP Emergency Plan. In the case of any emergency, including weather emergencies, all instructions will be communicated through the UTMB Alert website, UTMB home website, and the broadcast media.

UTMB Alerts

UTMB Alerts is UTMB's Emergency Notification System. It is a "reverse 911" system that delivers information to you using several methods of communication, including:

  • Telephone and text messages
  • UTMB Alert Site
  • UTMB Homepage
  • Broadcast e-mails to all UTMB e-mail accounts
  • UTMB institutional Facebook and Twitter postings

It is strongly recommended that you enter your mobile contact information into your UTMB Alerts contact information, via the Online Directory. This will ensure you get emergency messages quickly on a device you have with you (nearly) always

For more information about using the UTMB Directory and how to update the directory and UTMB Alerts, refer to the UTMB Directory How-To Guide.

Academic Services


SHP students that become displaced and/or have issues with Blackboard should contact

The following links provide more detailed information:

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