UTMB Alerts How-To Guide Emergency Notification System

How to Add or Update Your Information

UTMB Alerts is UTMB’s Emergency Notification System. In a campus emergency, UTMB will use several information delivery methods because, at any given time, one form of communications might be better to reach you than another.

To add or update your information, follow these steps:

1. Access the Online Directory

The UTMB online directory is at http://intranet.utmb.edu/directory/.

2. Look up and select your own name in the online directory.

This will display your entire directory entry.

3. Click the 'Edit My Alert Info' button.

This will open the UTMB Alerts enrollment portal.

Click the 'Edit My Alert Info' button.

4. Log in with your UTMB credentials, and edit your personal contact information, under "My Profile." Save.

UTMB Alerts profile

5. Add more buildings to your list, if needed, under "My Information." Save.

Most of the selections under "My Information" are not editable from this interface, but click "Edit" and you will be able to add additional UTMB buildings. You will receive any building-specific alerts issued for the buildings you select.
My Info

6. Log out.

"Save" any changes and then log out of the UTMB Alerts enrollment portal.

UTMB Alerts Priority Settings

UTMB has adopted the contact path sequence below:

  1. Text message number
  2. Mobile phone
  3. UTMB email
  4. Other email
  5. Home phone

If you have questions about UTMB Alerts, email utmb.alerts@utmb.edu.