Incident Command Team

UTMB uses the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) to manage threats, planned events, emergency incidents, and all other potential hazards. HICS provides an adaptable organizational structure for incident command teams and guides prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery efforts.

UTMB has several Incident Command Teams that can be activated depending on the situation. Some incidents require a response at the institutional level while others may be more focused (e.g., Health System or department level).  

The Organization Chart below is for UTMB's Institutional Incident Command. It is not an all inclusive list of names - which changes based on the type and severity of incident - but is rather a snapshot to highlight the structure and key positions. For instance, Medical/Technical Specialists might involve infection control experts for a disease outbreak, Information Services personnel for a cyber-attack, environmental services specialists for a hurricane or winter storm, etcetera. The institutional Command Team has representation from all UTMB hospitals and locations. 

Additional Resources

Updates from Incident Command are usually emailed to employees, posted on the iUTMB homepage and news feed, and discussed in weekly Relay meetings. 

More information on the Incident Command Systems: