UTMB Alerts Opt-Out Procedure Emergency Notification System

The forms below are required in order for a student or employee to opt out of receiving emergency notifications from the university via the UTMB Alerts system. By completing and submitting the request according to the directions on the form, you acknowledge the following:

  • You will not receive potentially life-saving emergency notifications from UTMB Alerts on your personal phone(s) or email.
  • You will receive alert messages on your UTMB landline phone and/or UTMB email account.
  • This opt-out request expires on Aug. 31 each year; a new request must be filed every year if you wish to continue opting out of receiving UTMB Alerts messages to your personal phone(s) or email.
  • If you are an employee who receives an allowance to cover business use of your personal mobile device(s), you will not be eligible for the allowance while the Opt-Out Request is in force. If you become eligible again by canceling the Opt-Out Request or not renewing it next year, you will be responsible for re-enrolling in the allowance program. (Please note: Depending on the nature of your job responsibilities, you may still be required to be reachable after-hours or while off-site, even if you are not receiving an allowance to cover business use of your mobile device. Speak with your supervisor if you have any questions.)

Student Opt-Out Form      Employee Opt-Out Form