Workplace Violence / Active Shooter (Refresher)

Workplace Violence and Active Shooter training is conducted at orientation, onboarding, and annually as part of the employee Annual Compliance Training process. Employees will access this via their MyTraining accounts. Now is a good time to check when your next annual training is scheduled.

Additional courses are also taught by the Campus Police Department on de-escalation techniques. 

Workplace Violence Presentation (UTMB personnel only)

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UTMB conducts a minimum of two active shooter exercises each year, at least one of which is large in scale and involves clinical staff, Campus Police, external security personnel and EMS responders, students, and any other UTMB employees who are interested. These groups are formally assessed while they respond to a simulated active shooter incident. 


The Institutional Safety & Security Executive Committee (ISS) has an Active Shooter Subcommittee that manages all aspects of related prevention, preparedness, mass notification, training, panic alarms, and exercises.
ISS Subcommittees Active Shooter