UTMB Alerts Emergency Notification System

"Reverse 911" System

UTMB Alerts is UTMB’s Emergency Notification System. In a campus emergency, UTMB will use several information delivery methods because, at any given time, one form of communications might be better to reach you than another. UTMB delivers emergency notifications using some or all of the following channels:

  • UTMB Alerts telephone and text messages
  • The UTMB Alert Site webpage (www.utmb.edu/alert)
  • The iUTMB homepage (www.utmb.edu/iutmb)
  • Global broadcast e-mails to all UTMB email accounts
  • UTMB Institutional Facebook and Twitter postings

Go Mobile with UTMB Alerts

UTMB employees and students are automatically enrolled in the UTMB Alerts notification system, using basic directory information such as UTMB email and phone number.

We strongly recommend entering your mobile contact information (SMS, text, cell phone, etc.) into your UTMB Alerts contact information, via the Online Directory. This will ensure you get emergency messages quickly on a device you have with you (nearly) always.

(PLEASE NOTE: The “Emergency Contact” form updates who the university should call if you become ill or are injured. It does NOT update your UTMB Alerts file for rapid notification of an emergency.)

Recommended UTMB Alerts Priority Settings

  1. SMS (text)
  2. Mobile phone (business or personal)
  3. Business phone (direct line preferred)
  4. Business email
  5. Personal email
  6. Home phone

How to register for the UTMB Alerts system

  • Online Directory

    Make sure your contact information and physical location at the university are accurate, to help with timely notification of emergencies affecting your work area. Click “Edit Information” above your personal listing in the Online Directory.

  • Add/Edit Your Emergency Alert Information

    Once you have updated your contact information in the UTMB Directory, you should go to the Edit Data link from the directory web page to enter additional emergency contact information using the Oracle system.

    Please note that the UTMB Alerts system receives changes and updates to UTMB contact information (emails addresses, telephone numbers and building locations) nightly from the UTMB Directory. Consequently, the UTMB Directory must be updated along with the UTMB Alerts information for you to properly receive alert messages.

For more information about using the UTMB Directory and how to update the directory and UTMB Alerts, refer to the UTMB Directory How-To Guide.

If you have questions about UTMB Alerts, email utmb.alerts@utmb.edu.

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