Emergency Plans

It is the policy of UTMB to provide a framework for response to emergencies, internal or external, naturally occurring or man-made, which will guide all staff in managing the event safely and assuring rapid recovery to normal operating conditions.

This site is the online home for the UTMB Emergency Operations Plan, the Bioterrorism and Emerging Infectious Diseases Plan, Business Continuity Planning and other related documents. Several documents are intended for UTMB employee/student use and are restricted; a UTMB password is required for access. All UTMB faculty, staff, students, contract employees, and volunteers should have a working knowledge of the emergency preparedness plans relative to their department or school. They will be expected to follow the plan in case of an emergency.

Emergency Graphic
UTMB is transitioning to an online "webified" version of its Emergency Operations Plan and its Emergency Management Program that are guided by The Joint Commission standards and elements of performance. These are interactive with hyperlinks to additional resources.

Emergency Management Policies