Print appropriate form, complete and bring with you to Student Health.

Registration Form for Student Health (PDF) (This form is to be completed  before seen as a patient)

Mask Fit (PDF) (Medical Questionaire for N-95 Respirators Form)

Tuberculosis Evaluation (PDF) (Positive Tuberculosis Evaluation Form)

Student Accident & Injury Report Form (PDF) (Not for reporting and Exposure)

Click here for Student Counseling ServicesPhone Number to call: (409) 747-HELP (4357)Depressed, Anxious, Suicidal?
Let Us Help

UTMB Student
Mental Health Crisis Line
Professionals Available 24/7/365

(409) 747-HELP (4357)


Lee Hage Jamail
Student Center - 3rd Flr.
301 University Blvd.
Galveston, Texas

Phone: (409) 747-9508
Fax: (409) 747-9330
Monday - Friday
7 am - 5 pm
*Major credit cards only.

After Hours Care:

After hours, weekends, and holidays, you may call the Access Center at (409) 772-2222
or (800) 917-8906
. Telephone triage is provided by the Hotline and physician backup consultation is available.

For Emergencies:

Please go directly to the nearest emergency room. Students are responsible for all charges related to emergency care.