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Publications and Abstracts

  • Sullivan, J., Croisant, S., Bambas-Nolen, A., Prochaska, J., Parras, B., and Elferink, C. (2012) Building Community-Research CBPR Capacity and Incubating Partnerships Through an Environmental Justice Network/Community Science Workshop. Living Knowledge, 10:12-16
  • Wickliffe, J., Overton, E., Fricel, S., Howard, J., Wilson, M., Simon, B., Echsner, S., Nguyen, D., Gauthe, D., Blake, D., Miller, C., Elferink, C., Ansari, S., Fernando, H., Trapido, E., and Kane, A. (2013). Contemporary determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in environmental media: an opportunity to reconcile the results of analytical chemistry with human health risk assessment. Environmental Health Perspectives, 122:6-9
  • Meng Huang, Li Zhang, Clementina Mesaros, Suhong Zhang, Michael A. Blaha, Ian A. Blair, and Trevor M. Penning (2014). Metabolism of a Representative Oxygenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Phenanthrene-9,10-quinone in Human Hepatoma (HepG2) Cells. Chem. Res. Toxicol., 27:852-863
  • David Abramson, Lynn Grattna, Brian Mayer, Craig Colten, Farah Arosemena, and Ariane Bedimo-Rung, "The Resilience Activation Framework: A Conceptual Model of How Access to Social Resources Promotes Adaptation and Rapid Recovery in Post-disaster Setting," Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, 41 (May 2014): doi 10.1007/s11414-014-9410-2.
  • 4 abstracts at the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative meeting in New Orleans LA, January 21-23, 2013.
  • 2 abstracts at the Society of Toxicology meeting in San Antonio TX, March 10-14, 2013
  • 9 abstracts to the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative meeting in Mobile AL, January 26-29, 2014
  • 1 abstract to the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative meeting in Houston TX, February 16-19, 2015
  • 1 abstract at the Society of Toxicology meeting in San Diego CA, March 22-26, 2015

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