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Clinical Cohort Updates

  • Gulfport Vietnamese Community
    - August 2013: 80 subjects enrolled
    - April 2014: remaining 20 enrolled
    - October 2014 Wave 2: 100 subjects
  • Center for Economic and Environmental Justice
    - November 2013: 100 subjects enrolled
    - May 2014, Wave 2: 100 subjects
  • United Houma Nation
    - December 2013: 100 subjects enrolled including representation from the general Thibodaux region
    - June 2014, Wave 2: 100 subjects
  • Galveston
    - April 2014: 100 subjects enrolled


Coming Year Objectives

  • Complete Wave 1 data analysis
  • Wave 2 to be completed in February with follow up of Galveston cohort
  • Complete Wave 2 data analysis
  • Initiate and complete Wave 3 in all four communities
  • Manuscripts in progress
    - Wave 1 results
    - Evaluation of CBPR Process
    - Seafood sampling results and implications for revised seafood consumption guidelines
  • January national meeting
  • February GoMRI meeting


Progress Highlights

Project 1:

  • Survey instrument developed and vetted by stakeholders
  • IRB protocols approved (x4), and certificate of confidentiality obtained
  • Pilot testing of educational methods and sampling of seafood
  • Identification of health care provider networks for referral
  • Scopes of work negotiated
  • Set up of interactive website with community partner (LEAN)
  • Human subjects recruitment at 400 (longitudinal survey measurements and biological sampling)
  • Mobile clinical research unit
  • SAMSHA supplementary funding


Project 2:

  • 444 seafood samples processed from 142 sites
  • Protocol developed for PAH extraction from human blood samples
  • Inverse modeling is being refined


Project 3:

  • All toxicological assays on seafood PAH extracts reanalyzed using Benzo[a]pyrene
  • as the reference compound (being prepared for publication)
  • Metabolic studies on phenanthrene-9,10-quinone complete (published)



  • Community data interpretation meeting, April 2013, Nov. 2013, Nov. 2014
  • Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) hosts GC-HARMS


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