Jun Yang, PhD

Jun Yang, PhD

Division: Endocrinology
Department: Internal Medicine

Research Interests

NF-kB is one of the major signaling pathways triggered by inflammatory or infectious stimuli, whose activation temporally controls the induction of hundreds of genes, constituting the inflammatory transcriptome. Dr. Yang's research interest is to systematically reveal molecular mechanisms that underlie the selective activation of genes in response to activated NF-kB recruitment to chromatin. To this end, he recently has developed and applied a cutting edge technology of chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) coupled with the next generation sequencing, known as ChIP-Seq, to identify NF-kB chromosome binding sites on the genome scale. Combined with genome-wide measurements of transcriptomes by RNA-Seq, Dr. Yang's study aims to link regulatory inputs with transcriptional outputs in NF-kB signal that mediates the innate immune response. Not only in basic medicine, this work also has a broad application in the field of translational research.