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Faculty Profile

Bio - Pappolla, Miguel A., MD, PhD

    • Medical School
      University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (1978)
    • Residency: Anatomic and Pathology
      Northeastern Ohio Universities, July 1980-June 1983
    • Fellowship: Neuropathology
      Case Western Reserve University, July 1983-June 1984
    • Fellowship: Neuropathology
      Cleveland Clinic Foundation, July 1984-June 1985
    • Residency: Neurology
      University of South Alabama, October 1996-September 2000
    • Fellowship: Interventional Pain Management
      (Anesthesia accredited program)
      University of Mississippi, Jackson Mississippi (2005-2006)
    • PhD-Doctorate
      University of Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain (2002)              
    • Board Certified and Diplomate in Neurology
    • Board Certified and fellowship trained in Pain Medicine
    • Board Certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
    • Board Certified and fellowship trained in Neuropatholy
    • Neurology and Pain Management
    • Neuropathology
    • Interventional Pain Management
    • Alzheimer's Disease
    • Barnwell E, Padmaraju V, Baranello R, Pacheco-Quinto J, Crosson C, Ablonczy Z, Eckman E, Eckman CB, Ramakrishnan V, Greig NH, Pappolla MA, Sambamurti K. Evidence of a novel mechanism for partial γ-secretase inhibition induced paradoxical increase in secreted amyloid β protein. PLoS One. 2014 Mar 21;9(3):91531.
    • Pinnix I, Ghiso JA, Pappolla MA, Sambamurti K. Major carboxyl terminal fragments generated by γ-secretase processing of the Alzheimer amyloid precursor are 50 and 51 amino acids long. Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2013 May;21(5):474-83.
    • Sambamurti K, Greig NH, Utsuki T, Barnwell EL, Sharma E, Mazell C, Bhat NR, Kindy MS, Lahiri DK, Pappolla MA. Targets for AD treatment: conflicting messages from γ-secretase inhibitors. J Neurochem. 2011 May;117(3):359-74. 
    • Zenith Fellowship Award Alzheimer’s Association
    • James A. Shannon Director’s Award. National Institutes of Health
    • 1990, Commendation Award, for Academic and Clinical Excellence Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC
    • 2000, Weil Award (awarded to the best study in Neuropathology leading to advancements on mechanisms of disease). American Association of Neuropathologists
    • 2001, Teaching Award, Department of Neurology.The University of South Alabama, Given by graduating Neurology residents
    • 2006, Josephine T. Morse Endowed Professorship in NeuropathologyMedical University of South Carolina
    • 2006, Commendation Award for Academic Excellence and LeadershipLSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans
    • Most Compassionate Doctor Award 2013