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Neurology Clerkship Program

Welcome to the Neurology Clerkship program!

Neurology is a 4-week core clerkship program, where 3d-year medical students get to explore the fascinating field of Neurology. During rotation students gain hands-on experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings, deepening their understanding of Clinical Neurology. Students will learn and practice neurological exams to be used during the rest of their careers.

Campus Rotation: Students will have the opportunity to rotate through various hospitals, including the Galveston Campus (Jenny Sealy, John Sealy, TDC Hospitals), Clear Lake, League City, and Angleton. Houston-based students may rotate at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Schedules: Individualized schedules will be provided via email a few days before the rotation begins.

Blackboard Resources: All essential details—syllabus, study guides, requirements, and deadlines—are conveniently accessible on Blackboard.

Orientation Q&A: Orientation is conducted on the first day of rotation. Students can seek answers to any questions they may have.

Post-Rotation Feedback: After completing the rotation, students are encouraged to provide valuable feedback on individual faculty, residents, and the overall program.

Choose Your Path: If neurology has captured your heart, consider the Acting Internship in your 4th year—an opportunity to dive deeper and make a meaningful impact.

And so, aspiring neurologists, prepare for an enriching journey ahead!