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Type: Service, Fraternal, Social, Professional

Membership: By School - SOM

Mission Statement: Kappa Chi Delta was founded in 2015 to create a support system for women in which we can encourage one another throughout our medical careers. With monthly meetings and mentorship, you'll be sure to have support that ensures a comprehensive medical school experience. Our four founding pillars are service, scholarship, sisterhood and leadership.

Activities: Service will include community outreach programs, with opportunities to give back. Scholarship will provide you with educational resources, mentorship, and organized study groups to ease the transition to medical school. Sisterhood offers an opportunity to meet and grow friendships with like-minded women creating a strong support group.

Officer Board:

  • Faculty Advisor – Melissa DeFilippis, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (

Organization Email:
Organization Website: Kappa Chi Facebook

Type: Fraternal

Membership: By School - SOM

Mission Statement: Phi Beta Pi provides a brotherhood existing to pursue the goals of achieving academic excellence, promoting mentorship, organizing events for the student body and providing charity outreach to the community. Our original charter describes our mission as "to provide a place for discussion of medical problems and topics in an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding."

Activities: School-wide social events, philanthropy and service projects and alumni-outreach programs.

Officer Board:

Organization Email:
Organization Website: Phi Beta Pi Facebook

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