About Student Organizations

UTMB currently has over 90 registered student organizations on campus! These organizations range from professional interest groups and service alliances to cultural organizations and recreational clubs. Each year these organizations continue UTMB’s tradition of community service, civic engagement, and cultural celebrations by organizing hundreds of projects for the campus and the Galveston community.


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About Student Organizations

As a registered student organization, you can:
  • Feature your organization's information on our website, including your mission, activities, and officer contact information
  • Reserve University facilities for meetings and events
  • Conduct fundraising activities on campus
  • Promote meetings, events, and activities on our bulletin boards, social media, and weekly student newsletter
  • Borrow Student Life equipment, free of charge
  • Receive up to 250 copies
  • Join our Welcome Week Community Fair, free of charge
  • Apply for Student Government Association funding for travel or events
As a registered student organization, you can request to check-out any of the following equipment, free of charge:
  • Coolers
  • Tables (6ft)
  • Chairs
  • Projector & Screen
  • Presentation Clicker
  • Lawn Games
    • Corn Hole
    • Giant Jenga
    • Giant Connect Four
    • Ladder Ball
    • Tug-o-War Rope
    • Board Games
Get the word out for your upcoming meeting or event in the following ways:
  • Bulletin Boards
    • Flyers must be stamped in our office before posting
    • Boards in Jamail, Moody/Graves, Levin Hall, SHP/SON Building, and CSA
  • Student Life Facebook Page
    • Send us a png/jpg file + a description for your post or,
    • Send us a link to a post on your own page that we can share
  • Student News and Notes


To request a room reservation, email us the following:
  • Organization Name
  • Date/Time
  • Location Preference
  • Approximate Number of Attendees
  • Will Your Event Have Food? 
Rooms available for student organization reservations:
  • Clinical Sciences Auditorium, CSB 3.362 (cap 330)
  • Old Red Amphitheater, 2.214 (cap 243)
  • Jamail Student Center
    • Senate Room, 2.132
    • Budget Room, 2.124
    • Front Conference Room, 2.110
    • Joe's Cafeteria, First Floor
      • Half/Quarter Cafeteria
      • Full Cafeteria (After 3:00 PM Only)
  • Levin Hall
    • Classroom 3.320 (cap 49)
    • Classroom 3.324 (cap 60)
    • Full Auditorium (cap 986) (no food allowed)
    • Main Auditorium (cap 486) (no food allowed)
    • North Auditorium (cap 250) (no food allowed)
    • South Auditorium (cap 250) (no food allowed)
  • Research Building #6
    • Auditorium 1.206 (cap 163)
    • Conference 1.102 (cap 22)
    • Conference 1.108 (cap 24)
  • SHP/SON Building
    • Quad 1.102 (cap 101) (no food allowed)
    • Quad 1.104 (cap 79) (no food allowed)
    • Quad 1.202 (cap 79) (no food allowed)
    • Quad 1.304 (cap 98) (no food allowed)
    • Classroom 1.402/1.408 (cap 111)
    • Classroom 1.402 (cap 60)
    • Classroom 1.408 (cap 51)
    • Classroom 1.418 (cap 21)
    • Classroom 1.424 (cap 12)
    • Classroom 1.442 (cap 47)
    • Classroom 1.444 (cap 40)
    • Conference 1.406 (cap 18)
    • Conference 1.420 (cap 10)
    • Conference 3.206 (cap 12)
    • Conference 4.602 (cap 11)
    • Lobby (cap 100)
  • Health Education Center
    • Classroom 3.201 (cap 60) (no food allowed)
    • Classroom 3.206 (cap 136) (no food allowed)
    • Classroom 5.200 (cap 40) (no food allowed)
    • Multi-purpose Room 1.200/1.202 (cap 320) 
    • Study Room 1.300A (cap 12)
    • Study Room 1.300B (cap 12)

Rules and Regulations Overview

About Student Organizations

Organizations are required to renew their registration annually between June 1 - August 31.

Annual registration consists of TWO parts:
  • Online Registration Form
  • Risk Management Training
    • Required attendance by at least two officers
    • Scheduled in July & August
Organizations are eligible for registration if:
  • Two or more students are authorized officers     
  • Membership is limited to students, faculty, and staff of UTMB
  • It does not deny membership on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, citizenship, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression
  • It conducts its affairs in accordance with local, state, and federal laws, the Regents’ Rules and Regulations, University regulations, and administrative rules
According to Rule #50202, Section 3 of the UT System Board of Regents Rules and Regulations:
  • No student org (or unregistered group) may use the name of the University or an abbreviation of the name of the University as part of its name
  • A student, group, or organization may use terms such as “campus” or “UTMB campus” or [name of organization] at the University of Texas Medical Branch as part of its name
  • No student org may advertise or promote any event or activity in a manner that falsely suggests that the event or activity is sponsored by the University
To hold a fundraiser on campus, it:
  • Must be authorized by Student Life
  • Cannot be co-sponsored with a non-UTMB affiliated organization
  • Cannot be conducted for the private gain of an individual, association, organization, corporation, or group of individuals
  • May be subject to Texas State Sales Taxes
    • Collect and remit sales tax on taxable items
    • Pay sales tax directly to the state comptroller
Exemption from Texas State Sales Tax:
  • One day per month
    • Defined as 24 consecutive hours
    • Considered the day an organization delivers items to the customers
      • Example: Your organization wants to sell t-shirts to raise funds. After getting the design approved by student life, you can take pre-orders over a set period of time. When your pre-sale ends, you can order the number of shirts you need, plus a surplus to sell on your fundraising day. On your designated fundraising day, you can give out all of your pre-ordered shirts, and sell the surplus that you ordered. Any shirts left over will need to be sold at your next month's fundraiser.
Additional solicitation rules:
  • Membership dues may only be collected inside academic buildings
  • Raffles of any kind are prohibited on campus (per the UTMB Compliance Office)
  • Organizations must fully disclose all sources and amounts of money obtained from fundraising and solicitations on their annual registration renewal - We recommend keeping a detailed record of ALL fundraising activities throughout the year
Student Organizations are free to open a bank account, should they choose to do so. To open an account: 
  • Use any bank of your choosing
  • Apply for an Employer Identification Number from the IRS
  • Bring a copy of minutes from your last meeting with officers names and positions
  • If possible, have two officers signed onto the account
Tax Exemption:
  • Organizations are NOT tax exempt via UTMB
    • Purchases cannot be made tax-free
    • Donors cannot receive tax write-offs
You must make it clear that the organization invited the speaker and that the views expressed by the speaker do not necessarily represent the views of the University.

Guest Speakers may not:
  • Distribute literature to persons who did not attend the meeting or event
  • Address potential listeners who have not chosen to attend the meeting or event
  • Help staff student organization tables or exhibits
  • Solicit for their off-campus business, organization or service

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