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We're Here For You

We want to help you be successful. From free stuff and notary services, to study spaces on campus and work-study positions, our office wants to make your UTMB experience as easy-going as possible. Keep an eye out on your email to learn about events happening on and around campus.

Announcements & Events
Student Life Program Coordinators pose with a colorful chalkbaord announcing Welcome Back Week.

We're Here To Help

We know college can be rough. We know there are students who struggle with food insecurity. Food insecurity is defined as the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. The Office of Student Life has partnered with the Galveston Food Bank to bring a student food pantry to campus that is able to assist those in need. Learn more about The Picnic Basket, and how you can support it.

The Picnic Basket: Student Food Pantry

Supplies We Provide

Part of our job here at Student Life's to make sure that you have what you need. If need pens or highlighters, or if your badge reel breaks, we have those items available.

Discount cards, phone wallets, and rain ponchos are on a desk.


Two badge reels sitting on a desk.


Highlighters and pens are spread out on a desk.


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Notary, Mailing, & Faxing

Study Spaces on Campus

Campus Study Spaces

  • Moody Medical Library

    Moody Medical Library study spaces are available for all students.

    • Outside; Covered Tables
    • First Floor
      • Starbucks
    • Second Floor
      • Quiet Cubicles
      • Computers
      • Non-Quite Area
    • Third Floor
      • All Quiet Study
      • Group Study Rooms Available for Reservation

    Make a Reservation   Library Hours

  • Health Education Center

    HEC study spaces are available for all students. Study Rooms can be reserved with the Moody Medical Library reservation system.

    • First Floor
      • Study Rooms
    • Second Floor
      • Study Room
    • Third Floor
      • Study Rooms
    • Fourth Floor
      • Study Rooms

    Make a Reservation

  • SHP/SON Building

    SHP/SON study spaces are available for all students.

    • First Floor
      • Open Classrooms
      • Open Study Area
    • Second Floor
      • Microwave
      • Lunch Room
    • Levin Hall

      Levin Hall study spaces are available for GSBS students.

      • Third Floor
        • Study Rooms
    • Jamail Student Center

      Jamail Student Center study spaces are available for all students. Rooms, with the exception of the lobby, are available 8:00am - 5:00pm. Study Rooms are walk-in friendly or can be reserved a day in advance through Student Life.

      • First Floor
        • Open Area with Tables
      • Second Floor
        • Lobby - Open 24/7 with Student ID
        • Senate Room
        • Budget Room
        • Small Conference Room

        Make a Reservation

      • Old Red (Ashbel Smith Building)

        Old Red study spaces are available for all students 24/7/365 with your Student ID. 

        • Ground Floor
          • Recreation Room
          • Group Study Rooms
          • Computer Lab
          • Quiet Study Room

      Additional Resources Across Campus

      Campus Study Spaces

      • Microwaves

        Microwaves available across campus for student use:

        • Moody Medical Library
          • Microwave in Starbucks
        • Health Education Center
          • 2 Microwaves on First Floor
          • 1 Microwaves on Second Floor
          • 1 Microwaves on Third Floor
        • SHP/SON Building
          • 2 Microwaves on First Floor
          • 2 Microwaves on Second Floor
        • Old Red (Ashbel Smith Building)
          • 1 Microwave on Ground Floor in Recreation Room
        • John Sealy Cafeteria
          • 2 Microwaves


      • Coffee Makers

        Coffee makers available across campus for student use: *

        • Old Red (Ashbel Smith Building)
          • Keurig on Ground Floor in Recreation Room
        • Jamail Student Center
          • Keurig on Second Floor - Ask Staff for Assistance
          • Hot Water Dispenser on Second Floor

        *You must provide your own coffee pods/tea bags.

      Office of Student Life

      301 University Boulevard
      Lee Hage Jamail Student Center
      Second Floor
      Galveston, TX
      (409) 772-1996