Student Organizations

Type: Professional

Membership: By Profession - Physical Therapy

Mission Statement: The objectives of this organization shall be:

-To network interprofessionally amongst student physical therapists and other allied healthcare practitioners in the fields of both Orthopedic and Sports Medicine
-To provide volunteer outreach services to local high school and outpatient physical therapy clinics
-Community outreach at various sporting events in the Greater Houston Area
-To provide interprofessional on-campus lectures and group activities involving different topics related to the fields of Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

Activities: Activities will include, but may not be limited to, educational guest speakers, volunteer sideline coverage, community outreach with sports medicine clinics and local high schools.

Officer Board:

Organization Website: AOSMSPT Facebook

Type: Religious

Membership: SOM - Physician Assistants

Mission Statement: FCPA is a chapter of the organization Christian Medical and Dental Association which exists to provide support, advice, fellowship, and a place to strengthen members’ faith amongst physician assistant students. Other purposes shall include, but are not limited to, holding bible studies, retreats, fundraisers, and social service projects.

Activities: Activities will include bible studies, retreats, fundraisers, fellowship activities, and social service projects.

Officer Board:

Organization Facebook:  FCPA Facebook

Type: Service

Membership: By Profession - CLS

Mission Statement: The objects of this society are to develop a spirit of cooperation and unity among students entering any of the fields encompassed by medical laboratory science; to stimulate a higher ideal for scholastic effort, to encourage research, and to develop the professional character of the work itself; to interest other students in these fields; to determine and make known the requirements of hospitals and other institutions offering approved testing; and to become better acquainted with medical biology and the professionals in the field to achieve mutually beneficial discussions and associations.

Activities: Service in the Galveston community to the underserved, and teaching opportunities for our members to other professions within in UTMB providing skills from our profession.

Officer Board:

  • Faculty Advisor – Julie Soder, Clinical Laboratory Sciences (

Type: Social

Membership:  By Profession - MD/PhD Students

Mission Statement: The M.D.-Ph.D. Student Organization is an educational association, which exists to foster the development and growth of students enrolled in the MD/PhD Combined Degree Program at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB).

Activities: Activities shall include, but are not limited to, inviting guest speakers, honoring MD/PhD students and program faculty, and assisting the MD/PhD program faculty in orientation and recruitment initiatives.

Officer Board:

Type: Professional

Membership: By Profession - Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Students

Mission Statement: PTSO is an educational organization founded to represent and promote the students enrolled in graduate studies in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Activities: General meetings, scientific outreach, socials, student symposium, visiting speaker seminars

Officer Board:

  • Faculty Advisor – Noelle Anastasio, Pharmacology and Toxicology (

Type: Professional

Membership: By Profession - PA

Mission Statement: The purpose of the student society shall be to serve as the official organization for the students of the UTMB Physician Assistant Program, to promote academic achievement and clinical excellence, and to promote the physician assistant as a member of the health care delivery team.

Activities: Promote the Physician Assistant profession, coordinate social events & fundraising events, support the local community through volunteerism, complete community service projects, and support students in the UTMB Physician Assistant Studies Program.

Officer Board:

  • Faculty Advisor – Marci Contreras, Physician Assistant Studies (

Type: Honorary

Membership: By Profession - OT

Mission Statement: Pi Theta Epsilon (PTE) is a specialized honor society for occupational therapy students and alumni. Its mission is to promote research and scholarship among occupational therapy students. PTE recognizes and encourages superior scholarship among students enrolled in accredited educational programs across the United States.

Activities: Scholarly projects, fundraising, and community service.

Officer Board:

Organization Website: Pi Theta Epsilon

Type: Service, Professional

Membership: By Profession - OT & PT

Mission Statement: Project Play is an inter-professional rehabilitation services organization focused on giving students an opportunity to increase play and physical activity in the pediatric population and explore the role of play in healthcare through volunteer efforts in a variety of settings, participation in community events, and education to parents and caregivers.

Activities: Volunteering at the Pediatric inpatient unit, community service events for the pediatric population throughout Galveston and the surrounding areas, mentorship opportunities through Rosenberg elementary, And exposure to guest speakers within the field of pediatrics.

Officer Board:

Organization Email: 

Type: Service

Membership: By Profession - Occupational Therapy 

Mission Statement: St. Vincent's Occupational Therapy Clinic is designed to promote health, wellbeing, independence, and engagement in meaningful occupations in the underserved population of Galveston, TX.

Activities: Participating in fundraising efforts to support clinic operations; treat clients in a non-profit setting

Officer Board:

Type: Service, Social, Professional

Membership: By Profession - OT

Mission Statement: The Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) is an educational, professional, and social organization that promotes occupational therapy through education, service, and fundraising throughout the community. SOTA acts as a liaison with the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and the Texas Occupational Therapy Association (TOTA) as well as other professional organizations on UTMB's campus.

-Various fundraising events in and around campus

-Social gatherings to promote camaraderie among our peers within and without our program

-Participation in community service events with UTMB and throughout the Galveston community

Officer Board:

Organization Website: SOTA Facebook

Type: Service, Social, Professional

Membership: By Profession - CLS

Mission Statement: 
1: To serve as the official organization of the students at the University of Texas Medical Branch-School of Health Professions at Galveston Clinical Laboratory Sciences curriculum.

2: To promote the Clinical Laboratory Scientist as a member of the health care team.

3: To instill in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences student the importance of keeping abreast of current medical developments.

4: To act as a service organization for the Clinical Laboratory Sciences students and graduates of the University of Texas Medical Branch-School of Health Professions at Galveston Clinical Laboratory Sciences curriculum.

5: To assist in defining and achieving the goals of the Clinical Laboratory Scientist with in the heath care system.

Activities: Activities in SOCLS includes community service/service projects around Galveston/Houston area, social events, and fundraising for our annual trip to the Texas Association of Clinical Laboratory Science (TACLS).

Officer Board:

  • Faculty Advisor – Janet Enderle, Clinical Laboratory Sciences (

Type: Professional

Membership: By Profession - DPT

Mission Statement: SPTA is an educational organization that will work together to volunteer our time to the community, take part in continuing education opportunities outside the classroom, represent our physical therapy profession, and act with honor, integrity, and respect in all our endeavors.

Activities: Organize and hold activities for the physical therapy class, fundraiser for a charity of the classes choosing, organize and hold volunteer opportunities for the physical therapy class to give back to the community.

Officer Board:

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