Facilities Risk Management

Facilities Risk Management is a newly created division of the Business Operation and Facilities group. Responsibilities include oversight of the following areas:

Ike Recovery / Risk Mitigation

Manage the day to day efforts with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and TDEM (Texas Department of Emergency Management) as it relates to the damages, repairs and mitigation efforts that UTMB sustained during the Hurricane Ike event. This task also involves the overall effort of coordination of managing the 404 Hazardous Mitigation and PDM (Pre-Disaster Mitigation) efforts as well. The overall goal is to harden and strengthen all campus facilities including building and systems to provide sustained operations during and after a catastrophic event.


Work with the UT System Office of Risk Management to coordinate and recommend the necessary insurance policies and programs for the UTMB campus which includes flood, windstorm, business continuity and emergency management policies.

Institutional Preparedness

Work with all stakeholders to manage the institution's overall effort to be prepared for a catastrophic event. This includes development of plans for each area including research, clinical, educational and business and facility operations.

Infrastructure Upgrade

Work with the Utility Operations Group to assist in the DHCS (District Heating and Cooling System) Project that delivers heating and cooling to all 100+ campus facilities. This large scale project is critical to UTMB's long term sustainability. Project Management - Development of Ike-related projects to be handed off to the Design and Construction Division for implementation.

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