ARCHIVE: Priority Risks 2018

Apr 25, 2018, 13:09 PM by Emergency Plan Group
Priority Risks

Each year the UTMB President and the ISS Executive Committee formally adopt a list of Priority Risks for the institution. The implication of this is that in addition to our ALL-HAZARDS approach to emergency preparedness, we focus special attention on priority risk over time to increase preparedness through planning, risk mitigation, training, exercises, specific emergency supplies--and if appropriate, special contracts to address the risk. The ISS determines Priority Risks for the campuses. For clinic sites, clinic managers and staff as well as Ambulatory Services officials determine their priority risks specific to each location with the input of local officials.

2018 Priority Risks are:

1. Weather (Hurricane Flooding, Hurricane Wind, Extreme Heat, Water Shortage, Lightning)
2. Utilities Outage / Gas Pipeline Risk / Water Main
3. Disease Outbreak (including Ebola or novel High Consequence Infectious Disease)
4. Mass Casualty (e.g. Terrorism / Active Shooter / HF or other Chemical Mass Casualty Incident / South Texas Nuclear)
5. Cyber-Threats
6. Fire