Emergency Loans

Short-term emergency loans are available to all students enrolled at UTMB. These loans are made for a period of 60 days. All loans have a 1.25% processing fee. This amount will be added to the amount borrowed and must be repaid.

The student must complete a loan application, which must be approved by an advisor in the Office of Enrollment Services. Reasonable methods of repayment include, but are not limited to, student's income, spouse's income, and financial aid scheduled but not yet disbursed. A counselor will evaluate a student’s expenses and resources to determine if an emergency loan can be approved. An emergency loan will not be approved for a student on financial aid for current academic year expenses against money expected for the next academic year. If an emergency loan has been approved, the Student Financials Office will be notified so that the payment can be processed. If there is a balance due on the student’s account, emergency loans will be applied to that balance. Any difference will be direct deposited or mailed the first working day following the date of approval.

All emergency loan payments from the student must be made via mySTAR.

NameLoan Amount
Brown-Lupton (M)$1,000 (renewable after repayment)
Tom Jones (M)$25
Ruby Decker (AH)$300
Nursing Student (N)$500
SAHS Emergency (AH)$500
Tuition Loan Fund (All)Tuition
UTMB Emergency Loan (All)$500 (renewable after repayment)

Anita Hendrix

Anita Hendrix
Enrollment Services Specialist

Fe Phillips

Fe Phillips
Staff Accountant

Erica Salas

Erica Salas
Assistant Director
Financial Aid

Anne Hale

Anne Hale
Student Financial Services

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