Leave of Absence

When Aid Has Already Been Disbursed

Upon notification to the Financial Aid Office that a student has been granted a Leave of Absence (LOA), a determination will be made regarding how much aid disbursed for the term the student is eligible to keep and how much, if any , must be repaid to UTMB.

A student who has been granted an eligible Leave of Absence (LOA) by an institution is not considered to have withdrawn and will continue to be eligible for financial aid under the following conditions:

  1. The student has made a written request to the appropriate School for the LOA.
  2. The LOA involves no additional charges by the school to the student.
  3. The LOA does not exceed 180 days.

Students who don’t meet these conditions will have their eligibility recalculated and will be notified by email if they owe any funds back to UTMB.

If the student does not return from LOA on or before the appointed date, we will report the withdrawal date to the lenders as the first day of the LOA. Students will be required to complete an exit interview with our department if they do not meet the above conditions or fail to return as scheduled.

Students are responsible to insure that all LOA specifications, including beginning and ending dates, are submitted to ES in writing.

When Aid Has Not Been Disbursed

Upon notification to the Financial Aid Office that a student has been granted a Leave of Absence (LOA) and no aid has been disbursed for the term, eligibility will be recalculated based on the length of the LOA. In this situation, no aid will be disbursed until the student is scheduled to resume coursework following the LOA. Students on LOA are not eligible to receive funding for living expenses while on LOA.


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