Career Exploration & Development

Welcome to the GSBS page for career exploration and development. A graduate degree in biomedical science opens doors to a variety of career paths, each requiring some shared and some unique skills. There are numerous internal and external opportunities available to UTMB trainees for career exploration and skills development; we hope that the information provided here will help you to discover these activities. Your extracurricular career exploration should enhance your graduate or postdoctoral training and better prepare you for the job market - this page is a starting point to get you going!

**Please note that many events require advance registration in order to attend**

GSBS Writing Studio

Intro to UTMB’s Research Administration and Fellowship (F) Grant Budgets

Join us as the GSBS Writing Studio hosts invited speakers Ms. Erika LeGros and Ms. Christy Taylor-Bray from Research Administration to explain why it is so important for trainees to know/understand the UTMB processes for submitting grants. We will also spend time going through a sample Fellowship budget so you can learn how to use the required UTMB template and how to enter this information into the NIH grant application system.

Please pre-register here: Registration Link for 10/20/22 GSBS Writing Studio Workshop

Erika LeGros and Christy Taylor-Bray

HEC 3.200