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Updated approach to logo for social media

In October of 2013, UTMB Health adopted a custom mark for use by all university-affiliated programs managing a social media presence, on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and  YouTube.

The design for our social media badge HAS NOW BEEN UPDATED. It still aligns closely with the UTMB brand, but has now been optimized to fit into either a square image area, or the increasingly common circular profile picture area.   

The mark is for social media only. It is designed to be effective at any screen size, on any device, and to unify our social presence with a common, visually powerful mark.

The new graphic, examples of this social media badge in use on various platforms, and links for files are available for download. (click to download image)

The UTMB social media manager, Tamara Sherrod, will update all Facebook accounts where the Marketing and Communications team has Administrative access. If you manage any other UTMB-affiliated social media presence for your program or area, please update your badge or contact us with questions/for assistance at

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