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Wednesday, November 8, 10:09am News Highlights

MedPage Today, Nov. 7, 2006 TURKU, Finland, Nov. 7 -- Most children with acute otitis media have infections caused by both bacteria and viruses, suggesting that antibiotics may not be enough to control the infections, researchers here... more »

Wednesday, November 8, 10:08am News Highlights

Genetic Engineering News, Nov 7 2006 New federal funding totaling $3.8 million will support Phase II research into breast and prostate cancer detection using a laser optoacoustic imaging technology.… Over four years of research and pilot... more »

Wednesday, November 8, 10:07am News Highlights

Orange County News, Nov. 8, 2006 Whether you have the sniffles, allergies or a cough, William Dunn Jr. and the staff at Deweyville Rural Health Clinic can help. The clinic had opened and closed three times before Dunn took it over... more »

Wednesday, November 8, 10:06am News Highlights

New York Times, Nov. 8, 2006 Mr. Estrada has refused 17 meals over a week, she said. But she said neither inmate was at the point of needing to be force-fed, a determination made by doctors from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Mary Felts, a... more »

Tuesday, November 7, 11:54am News Highlights

Washington Post, Nov. 7, 2006 This article about the new HPV vaccine that protects women against certain types of cervical cancer quotes UTMB’s Dr. Susan Rosenthal. "It really does make the most sense to immunize... more »

Monday, November 6, 12:39pm News Highlights

Houston Business Journal - November 3, 2006 Breakthrough research supported by the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston suggests that a simple blood test to track levels of uric acid could help predict... more »

Monday, November 6, 12:38pm News Highlights

Dallas Morning News, Nov. 5, 2006 This is the first in a series of eight articles that focuses on state and national systems to provide appropriate, integrated care for the state’s mentally ill and how they have failed to care for and treat these vulnerable citizens.  The story centers... more »

Monday, November 6, 12:38pm News Highlights

Houston Chronicle, Nov. 4, 2006 Spurred by America's relentless appetite for anything that will slow the aging process, a Japanese pharmaceutical company has picked Pasadena as its U.S. base to manufacture a health supplement that is a hit in... more »

Monday, November 6, 12:37pm News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News, Nov. 5, 2006 By Howard Brody Since 1972 when I entered the field called “bioethics,” we’ve thought hard about the ethical issues in health care and biomedical research, from genetics, abortion and stem... more »

Monday, November 6, 12:36pm News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News, Nov. 5, 2006 By Heber Taylor Galveston County needs an independent group to look at — and support — its largest asset: the University of Texas Medical Branch.  more »

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Displaying 6171 - 6180 of 6,834 Records   (Page: 618 of 684)
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