UTMB Alerts Emergency Notification System

UTMB Alerts is UTMB’s Emergency Notification System. In a campus emergency, UTMB will use several information delivery methods because, at any given time, one form of communications might be better to reach you than another. UTMB delivers emergency notifications using some or all of the following channels:

  • UTMB Alerts telephone and text messages
  • The UTMB Alert Site webpage (www.utmb.edu/alert)
  • The iUTMB homepage (www.utmb.edu/iutmb)
  • Global broadcast e-mails to all UTMB email accounts
  • UTMB Institutional Facebook and Twitter postings

In compliance with UT System requirements, all faculty, staff and students have been automatically enrolled in UTMB Alerts, using telephone and/or email information contained in the university directory. This is to ensure the widest coverage possible for important messages related to health, safety and business operations in the event of an emergency or adverse condition affecting all or part of the university. In addition, UTMB Alerts system allows you to customize your profile by adding personal contact information and prioritizing the manner in which you receive these alerts.

How to register for the UTMB Alerts system

Keeping your individual directory information up to date is a vital step in making sure you receive timely notices of emergencies affecting your current work location.

  • Step I – Edit Your UTMB Directory Information

    The UTMB Alerts system is only as good as the directory information available for each person. Please take a moment now to check your information in the UTMB Directory, paying special physical location, mail route and any personal contact information you have elected to add.

  • Step II – Edit Your Emergency Alert Information

    Once you have updated your contact information in the UTMB Directory, you should go to the Alert Signup link from the directory web page to enter additional emergency contact information and to set the preferred priority order for each point of contact. Please note that each evening the UTMB Directory will automatically update the UTMB Alerts system with the populated fields from the directory. Consequently, the UTMB Directory must be updated along with the UTMB Alerts information for you to properly receive alert messages.

For more information about using the UTMB Directory and how to update the directory and UTMB Alerts, refer to the UTMB Directory How-To Guide.

If you have questions about UTMB Alerts, email utmb.alerts@utmb.edu.

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