UTMB Web Accessibility Practice Standard The University of Texas Medical Branch

The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston strives to provide web-based information and services that are accessible to all users. UTMB is committed to provide public web information in a fashion that meets the needs of interested individuals without regard to physical or technical limitations.

General accessibility standards for UTMB web pages are defined by the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative and guided by applicable state laws.

The institution defines "web accessibility" as the ability of users to get information whether they use:

  • Text-based web browsers
  • Screen readers or text-to-speech converters
  • Various hardware and software platforms
  • Browsers that omit images

UTMB's web site is decentralized, and originates from separate entities within the institution. Regardless of origin, every page containing official university content is charged with complying with state and university rules regarding accessibility. UTMB promotes understanding of issues central to accessibility among its community of web developers, and pledges to work to quickly address any accessibility issues that are brought to the institutions attention.

If you have any questions, comments or require assistance related to an accessibility issue, please contact:

Lela V. Lockett-Ware, OTR/CEAS II
Institutional ADA Officer
Certified ADA Coordinator
301 University Blvd
Lee Hage Jamail Student Center Room 2.118
Galveston, TX  77555
Office: (409) 747-4818
FAX: (409) 747-4819
Email: lvlocket@utmb.edu

Information about Texas state efforts on accessibility is available at the Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities web site.