Haiku/Canto is a handheld application designed for use with the Apple iPhone®/ iPad® that focuses on a physician's review workflows. Features are based around assessing the patient and physicians can do all of these activities whether they are in the clinic, in the hospital, or on the go! Please note at the moment Haiku/Canto is only available for Providers.

Installation/Configuration Instructions
  1. Download either Epic Haiku or Epic Canto (Epic Canto - only available for iPad) app from the app store
  2. Accept the agreement once you open the app
  3. Go to the http://www.utmb.edu/CantoHaiku/ website on your phone or tablet
  4. Click on the Configuration Link for the app you are using
  5. When asked for a password enter wonders
  6. Then log in using your user name and password.
Production Auto Configuration Link:
Haiku: Click Here
Canto: Click Here