U.S. DHHS/CDC Permits

The Etiologic Agent Import Permit Program (EAIPP) of the CDC requires an import permit for all etiologic agents, biological materials, and hosts and/or vectors entering the U.S. As defined by the CDC:

  • Etiologic agents are microorganisms and microbial toxins that cause disease in humans and include bacteria, bacterial toxins, viruses, fungi, rickettsiae, protozoans, and parasites. Etiologic agents are sometimes referred to as infectious agents.
  • Biological materials are unsterilized specimens of human and animal tissues (such as blood, cell lines, body discharges, fluids, excretions or similar material) containing or suspected to contain an etiologic agent.
  • Hosts and vectors are organisms that contain and/or may transmit etiologic agents to humans and other animals. Examples include arthropods, bats, snails, rodents, and any animal known or suspected of being infected with an organism capable of causing disease in humans.

Importation permits are issued only to the importer, who must be located in the United States. The importation permit, with the proper packaging and labeling, will expedite clearance of the package of infectious materials through the United States Public Health Service Division of Quarantine and release by U.S. Customs.

Additionally, the importer is legally responsible to ensure that the import-permitted material is packaged and shipped in accordance with all applicable shipping regulations by the party initiating the shipment.

There is no service charge for CDC import permits.

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