Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety at UTMB

Hazardous chemicals with the potential to cause serious injury or death are are used throughout UTMB as part of conducting research, operating facilities, and the provision of healthcare. The UTMB Occupational Safety Program consists of EHS professionals who provide knowledge and expertise in the safe use of hazardous chemicals.  Working in collaboration with the UTMB Biosafety Program, the Occupational Safety Program coordinates and supports the safe use of chemicals.

Services Provided by the Occupational Safety Program:

  • Assist departments with maintaining their chemical inventories.
  • Provide chemical monitoring for a variety of hazardous chemicals.
  • Provide training in safe handling, use, and storage of chemicals.
  • Maintain healthcare Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on the UTMB Environment of Care website.
  • Provide Hazard Communication Training.
  • Supports the UTMB Chemical Safety Committee in the review of High Risk Hazardous Chemical Safety Plans and the development of chemical safety related guidance documents and policies.