Decoration Safety

The policy requires:

  • Only non-combustible and non-flammable materials are to be used
  • Decorations with a live flame are not allowed (e.g., candles, hurricane lamps)
  • Natural cut trees and branches are prohibited
  • Lights used should be UL approved and non-heat producing (e.g., twinkle lights)
  • Lights not allowed include bubble lights, C7 and C9 lights
  • Decorations must not block exit corridors, obscure visibility or inhibit access to emergency equipment or alarms
  • Artificial and live potted trees and plants are permitted
  • Save product packaging and documentation to prove that items adhere to the policy
  • All decorations should be positioned such that fire extinguishers, fire cabinets, and pull stations are not 
       blocked and exit signs are clearly visible.

Live flames Are NOT Allowed

Decorations found not meeting the above criteria will require immediate removal

Questions regarding the policy can be directed to Environmental Health and Safety, 409-747-0515.
By following the policy we can ensure the safety of our patients, visitors and employees while also providing a pleasant atmosphere.