Above Ceiling Work Process and Permitting

Above Ceiling Work (ACW) includes activities such as inspection, repair and minor installation of pipes, conduits, HVAC equipment, cables, wires, pneumatic tubes, and similar building infrastructure, which take place above existing ceiling levels in any UTMB building. It does not include activities inside of a construction containment area. If ACW is not done properly, our patients, visitors and employees could potentially be exposed to unsafe conditions. In order to mitigate this risk, UTBM has developed an Above Ceiling Work Policy and Procedure.  This policy contains a matrix that will assist the permit authorizing individual with identifying the class of precautions to be identified on the permit.

ACW Permits are used to identify and document required mitigation measures for the duration of the work. The permits can be requested through UTMB's cloud-based application and will be approved by a limited list of Permit Authorizing Individuals who have been trained appropriately. 

This process allows UTMB to monitor who is performing ACW in our facilities and where ACW is being performed. UTMB must ensure that:​

  1. All ACW is being performed in compliance with UTMB specifications and applicable codes.​
  2. The integrity of fire/smoke barriers are maintained.​
  3. The integrity of the ceiling tiles and grids are maintained.​
  4. Nothing is left laying on or being supported by any component of the fire sprinkler system. ​
  5. Most importantly, UTMB must ensure the safety of our employees, patients, and visitors.