PCRA's, Permitting and Deactivation Requests

UTMB utilizes a web-based application for Preconstruction Risk Assessments (PCRA) and permits required to maintain patient safety and regulatory compliance. The application is a 'one-stop-shop' for all UTMB permitting and deactivation requests:

  • Interim Life Safety Measure Permits
  • Infection Control Risk Assessment Permits
  • Hot Work Permits
  • Above Ceiling Work Permits
  • Fire Suppression Deactivation Requests
  • Utility Deactivation Requests
  • Fire Alarm Deactivation Requests

The system has many useful attributes, including a Pre-Construction Risk Assessment (PCRA) module that acts as a central repository for all PCRA's completed for construction projects.  It also has many other useful features:

  • Cloud-based-it is accessible from any desktop or mobile device
  • Mobile application that can be used to Approve, Issue and Close permits from anywhere
  • Mobile application can record inspections in real-time at the permit location, and includes the ability to immediately notify contractors to STOP WORK if an serious deficiency is discovered, or to notify them that something NEEDS ATTENTION
  • Contractors have the ability to enter permit requests, saving UTMB personnel time and resources
  • Dashboard allows Project/Construction Managers to easily identify the status of permit requests and keep daily tabs on project activity
  • Dashboard allows Facility Managers to see activities occurring in their facilities each day. 
  • UTMB users can document Pre-Construction Risk Assessments, efficiently manage projects and generate an array of reports 

Below is a link to the application website, as well as a 'How to' document and video library to help users navigate the system. 

Link to ATG Website: www.atginc.com


Account Set Up- including mobile application set up.

Pre-Construction Risk Assessment (PCRA)- This video provides step by step instructions to create a PCRA and to close one when the project is complete.  PCRAs are typically completed by Construction Managers prior to any work beginning. The person selected as the CM/PM on the PCRA should be the individual managing day to day activities of the project. Once this document is created, the PCRA number can be selected when individual permit requests are submitted and the information will be prepopulated for the requestor.  It will also tie that permit request to the PCRA. 

Creating a new Permit Request-This video provides instructions to enter a permit request. This includes completing the first two pages of the request and 3 specific permit types: Fire Alarm DeactivationICRA and ILSM.

Above Ceiling and Barrier Integrity-soon to come (Process currently being developed).

Creating a Hot Work Request-This video explains how to create a hot work permit request and how a Permit Authorizing Individual can approve a request. The end of the video also explains how to close out the permit when the work is complete. 

Navigating the DashboardThis video provides you with information about the dashboard, uploading documents (:47) to a permit request, sending emails notifications (1:36) for a permit request, sorting and filtering  (5:47) the dashboard and changing dates for requests (3:21) that are pending approval or approved.

Approving, Printing and Closing permits- This video provides information on approving (2:37), printing (7:09), issuing (6:23) and closing (8:06) permit requests. Also, this document provides explanation of the different approving groups and who approves what types of permits.

Completing Site Inspections using the mobile application- This document explains how to complete a permit inspection in the field.

Approving and Issuing permits from the mobile application-The document explains how to approve and issue permits in the field. There is also an option to close out permits in the app. 

Closing permits and PCRA's when the permit request work is complete

Approving Groups: Explanation of different approving groups-who will be approving what types of permits.  

Modifying Dates on Approved Permit/Duplicating a Permit Request (Single Permit Type)-This video explains the process to extend the date of a single permit request. EXAMPLES:

  • You have an ILSM that will continue beyond the permit end date.
  • You are doing hot work and you will be continuing to do the same work after the permit end date. This method will save you from having to enter all of the permit information again. 

Modifying Dates of Approved Permits/ Duplicating a Permit Request (Multiple Permit Types)-This video explains the process to extend the dates of a permit request that contains more than one type of permit. EXAMPLE:

  • You have an ILSM and an ICRA that will be needed beyond the original permit end dates and the permits need to be extended.


Account Set Up- including mobile application set up.

Creating a New Permit Request- This video provides step by step instructions on how to create a new a permit request.

Creating a Hot Work or an Above Ceiling and Barrier Integrity Permit Request (coming soon)

Helpful Information-This video explains:

  • Important details of the of the dashboard
  • Sending email notifications for delinquent permit approvals
  • Printing permits and daily sign off sheets for ICRAs and ILSMs
  • Adding documents to a permit request and how to tell if a document is associated with a permit request
  • How to modify dates to a PENDING APPROVAL status permit
  • Duplicating a permit request, which is useful if you need another identical permit (like for hot work) but you need to modify the dates if it is in APPROVED status. 

Daily Sign Off on Mobile App-This video provides direction on completing a daily sign off inspection at the jobsite using the ATG Mobile Permitting Application. This should be completed in conjunction with the printed sign off sheet on the construction barrier. 

Approving Groups: Who is approving my permit request(s) and how can I tell why a request is still pending approval (with multiple permit types)?

Creating Reports (coming soon)


For user training and additional support, please contact:

Todd Perry, CHMM, CFI-I, CSP    (409) 682-1789

Mario Soares, DrPH  (281) 740-6983